In fuga

In fuga Quando leggiamo la Munro tutto ci sembra incantevole ma lo sfondo vasto e intermittente che si avverte in ogni riga pieno di minacce morti sinistre destini incomprensibili dolori che nessuno pot

  • Title: In fuga
  • Author: Alice Munro Susanna Basso
  • ISBN: 9788806180737
  • Page: 210
  • Format: Paperback
  • Quando leggiamo la Munro, tutto ci sembra incantevole ma lo sfondo, vasto e intermittente, che si avverte in ogni riga, pieno di minacce morti sinistre, destini incomprensibili, dolori che nessuno potrebbe sopportare, disastri, irruzioni di qualcosa che assomiglia all a, le tremende ferite che ci infliggono i morti o, al contrario, beffe crudeli che realizzano i Quando leggiamo la Munro, tutto ci sembra incantevole ma lo sfondo, vasto e intermittente, che si avverte in ogni riga, pieno di minacce morti sinistre, destini incomprensibili, dolori che nessuno potrebbe sopportare, disastri, irruzioni di qualcosa che assomiglia all a, le tremende ferite che ci infliggono i morti o, al contrario, beffe crudeli che realizzano i piani di colei che, forse, porta il nome di Provvidenza Non sappiamo cosa la Munro pensi della vita suppongo che accetti religiosamente tutto ci che accade, e nutra una ferrea devozione verso quello che vede eppure cerchi, con calma, lentamente e segretamente, di mettere ordine nell esistenza Sebbene da nessuna parte si intraveda una luce, l arte ancora, per lei, un timido tentativo di mettere ordine nelle cose scritte e, dunque, anche in quelle che sono accadute, accadono e accadranno nel mondo Pietro Citati Nonostante tutto, le ragazze fragili e intelligenti che hanno visto svanire i propri talenti, le signore cariche d esperienze acuminate come lance mortali, sulle quali Alice Munro concentra l attenzione, vogliono continuare a vivere Questo ce le fa amare La bellezza dei loro mondi interiori, ne siamo certi, un fuoco che non smetter mai di ardere e prosperare Eraldo Affinati In questa raccolta della Munro, contrariamente a quanto succede nelle altre, ci sono tre racconti tra loro collegati, che hanno come protagonista la stessa donna, Juliet I racconti sono separati da bianchi abissi in cui il tempo e i sentimenti precipitano per poi riaffiorare dando vita a situazioni che costituiscono storie a s stanti come se le storie della Munro tutte insieme narrassero un lungo romanzo mosaico in cui ciascuna tessera la vita di una donna e del paesaggio umano e naturale che la circonda.

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    1. Alice Munro Susanna Basso

      Alice Ann Munro, n e Laidlaw, is a Canadian short story writer who is widely considered one of the world s premier fiction writers Munro is a three time winner of Canada s Governor General s Award for fiction Her stories focus on human relationships looked at through the lens of daily life She has thus been referred to as the Canadian Chekhov She is the winner of the 2013 Nobel Prize in Literature Arabic Persian Russian Cyrillic Ukrainian Cyrillic Bulgarian Cyrillic Slovak Alice Munroov Serbian Alis Manro

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    1. Not, who has read more Alice Munro that I have, wants to know why she doesn't write novels. Her uncharitable hypothesis is that Munro is too lazy to do the necessary work; she'd rather just scribble down each idea in short story form and then move on to the next one. Other people criticize her for being "cerebral" or "contrived". I don't agree with any of this, but I can see where the accusations are coming from. After some thought, I find a metaphor which sums up my own feelings. It's true that [...]

    2. Onvan : Runaway - Nevisande : Alice Munro - ISBN : 1400077915 - ISBN13 : 9781400077915 - Dar 335 Safhe - Saal e Chap : 2004

    3. in 1997, the reigning king of redonda, a tiny island & micronation in the bahamas, was so moved by superstar spanish writer javier marias's novel todas las almas that he abdicated the throne and handed it to marias. weird shit. so marias confers the title of 'duke' and 'duchess' to certain people, amongst them: john ashbery (duke of convexo)pedro almodovar (duke of trémula)frank gehry (duke of nervión)w.g. sebald (duke of vértigo)guillermo cabrera infante (duke of tigres)every year all th [...]

    4. As seen on The ReadventurerLike many readers, I claim quite often that I am not really a fan of short stories, that is, I claim that until I come across the next good short story collection, like Alice Munro's Runaway. My imaginary dislike for shorts can surely be traced to reading too many poorly assembled multi-author anthologies. There are maybe two of them in existence that I can honestly call good. From my experience, single-author collections are much, much more satisfying.Once again, I ha [...]

    5. Here's what Jonathan Franzen said about this book in the NY Times Book Review:Basically, Runaway is so good that I don't want to talk about it here. Quotation can't do the book justice, and neither can synopsis. The way to do it justice is to read it.But here's what Michiko Kakutani says about it in the NY Times:Instead of assuming the organic, musical form of real life, they feel like self-conscious, overworked tales, relying on awkwardly withheld secrets and O'Henryesque twists to create narra [...]

    6. O realizador espanhol Pedro Almodovar adaptou ao cinema os contos Acaso, Em Breve e Silêncio - com Juliet como protagonista.Adoro contosA escritora canadiana Alice Munro (n. 1931) – de quem li recentemente ”O Progresso do Amor” (1985 - 1986) - 4*, Falsos Segredos (1994) - 5* e ”Ódio, Amizade, Namoro, Amor, Casamento” (2001) - 4* - Prémio Nobel da Literatura em 2013 é uma “especialista” na narrativa curta, reconhecida e aclamada como um ”mestre do conto contemporâneo”, apen [...]

    7. Munro is a fine crafter of the short story. Each piece here has a careful balance of listing details and conveying emotional depth. I feel like I've read eight novels instead of eight short stories.

    8. Short stories can be deeply unsatisfying. Too often the nuance overshadows character and plot development, as if the author is cruelly trying to offer the reader a tiny taste of a story before yanking it away again. No so with Alice Munro. She writes with such simplicity and economy and mystery. The mystery arises from the way that she presents each story--just a few words at the outset, perfectly descriptive, but never overly so. And then the rest of it is just like (**alert**be prepared for ti [...]

    9. This 2004 collection of eight stories by the Nobel Prize winning Canadian short story writer wonderfully demonstrates her narrative flair, the careful construction of her stories, and her psychological sensitivity and perception. As is characteristic of her work, the stories here feature women navigating the shoals of familial constraints, transitions, and, to use an overused term, dysfunctions. Munro works with an economy of language, conjuring moods and shifts of meaning, the subtleties of rel [...]

    10. Alice Munro'yu çok seviyorum. Bazı yerlerde hep Murakami ile karşılaştırıldığını görüyor Nobel'i Murakami'nin yerine Munro'nun almasının kimilerince 'haksızlık' olarak nitelendirildiğini görüyorum. Hiç Murakami okumadım; fakat Alice Munro'ya da haksızlık yapıldığını düşünüyorum. Munro'nun bana oldukça başka gelen bir havası var. Aslında çok 'değişik' insanları anlatmıyor; ancak o hep karşımıza çıkabilecek insanları öyle iyi bir şekilde anlatıyor [...]

    11. Runaway is one of the short story collections of 2013 Nobel Prize winner, Canadian Alice Munro. I listened to the book, and really liked it, though I am a white middle-class, late-middle-aged man, and this book features white middle-class Canadian (particularly from Ontario) women, many of them late-middle aged. The focus is on stories of women and girls, on relationships, sometimes with men, and the every day, in every day language. They are unfussy, unpretentious, realistic literary fiction. I [...]

    12. öykülerde detaylı ve derinleşen bölümlerle, uzun zaman aralıkları, olay örgüsünde boşluklar ve dağınıklık iç içe. alice munro sanki aralarda söz alıp yol gösteriyor ve sonrasını okura bırakıyor. öyküleri tamamlamak, anlamlandırmak ve hatta hayatta olayları değerlendirmek, insanları anlamak için munro anlatısının verdiği sır ise ölçülü ve incelikli olmak. alice munro'yu dünyanın en iyi öykücülerinden biri yapan ölçülülüğü ve inceliği. olaylar [...]

    13. Sau khi đọc xong Something I've Been Meaning to Tell You và đọc gần hết Runaway của Alice Munro (bản dịch tiếng Việt là Trốn chạy), có thể kết luận rằng tuy Alice Munro đoạt giải Nobel, nhưng bà ấy viết hay, thậm chí rất hay ^.^ Chắc sẽ tiến ngay sang cuốn thứ ba là Cuộc đời yêu dấu.Chất liệu truyện của bà giản dị. Bà không thuộc dạng nhà văn bịa ra những tình huống dị thường, kỳ quái hay g [...]

    14. أليس الأمر مغريا بحق؟ أن تنزع عنك عِشرة إنسان أثقل عليك حياتك؟ أن تبدأ بداية ناصعة خالية من توابع الماضي وعثراته؟ أمر رائع، غير أن الأمور تستعصي على التبسيط، والعقبة الأولى هي النفس. سأكف عن الألغاز واتركك لتقرأ قصة (الهاربة) للنوبلية أليس مونرو. لم تكتب مونرو ذلك النوع من ال [...]

    15. Alice Munro - you can't just read her once. You've got to read her again, and again, and again. Her stories written about women and men who live lives like you and I - quietly going about their days, wondering if they missed out on that great big love, or that great big chance; arguing with their children, or their parents, or both; pretending that life is grand, pretending that life isn't pointless.She writes lush, beautiful tales which are long and enjoyable to read. I'm reading her again, soo [...]

    16. One of Munro's best books, Runaway is also one of her most thematically consistent collections. The idea of "running away" or "escape" permeates each tale. And what to make of the fact that the book consists of clipped, one-word titles? Intriguing.I love the linked sequence of three narratives ("Chance," "Soon," and "Silence"), and if you read carefully you'll see each of those words is repeated significantly in other stories, especially "chance." (Think of the chain of events in "Tricks," the s [...]

    17. La Munro continua a mostrare le sue abilità di scrittrice anche in questa ennesima raccolta di racconti. Nelle parole, nelle emozioni di questa scrittrice canadese tutto è dove dovrebbe essere. Nulla è lasciato al caso, tutto è studiato e raccontato nei minimi dettagli.In questi racconti si narra di donne in fuga, donne in fuga da se stesse, dai loro bisogni, dal destino che si accanisce contro di loro. Sono donne che, nonostante tutto, non rinunciano a se stesse e a ciò che sono, grazie an [...]

    18. I do not usually prefer short stories, but Alice Munro's "Runaway" is an exception. Munro's work as a whole, in fact. Everybody knows that short stories are more difficult to perfect than the novel, thus the lack of well-written ones. What makes her sorry stories stand out? One notable difference is that Munro's short stories are actually not that short. Strictly in words, many lean towards the lengthier "definition". (Short stories are not defined by length as much as structure. Although there' [...]

    19. Thank you, Lev Grossman for comparing my work to Alice Munro and letting me know of her existence. I'm nothing like her, but that doesn't matter, she's wonderful, and now I can read everything she's written, yay!

    20. If Alice Munro built a bridge out of popsicle sticks to cross the Colorado River at any point, I wouldn't hesitate to step on it. Whatever there is to say about her genius, and there's a lot, we have to say, of all the instruments she commands as a writer, *structure* is the one with which she is most masterful. This is how she's a realist--not because all the people in her stories wear pants (when appropriate) and none have nipples that light up like flashlights on touch, but because meaning an [...]

    21. If you need someone to sell you on short stories, go to Alice Munro. Her writing is straightforward and easy to grasp, yet it still conveys a wide range of striking and subtle emotions. In Runaway, most of the stories involve a middle-aged woman reflecting on her past and how an event has affected her life. The premise of each story appears simple - a woman has a passionate love affair with a married man, a daughter fails to comfort her mom - which allows Munro to weave in truths about human rel [...]

    22. I didn't realize this was a book of short stories when I bought it. It's my first book of short stories. I've decided that I don't care much for short stories. The characters and stories aren't developed enough. Her stories were a bit bizarre, mostly with endings I didn't like. Parts of the stories are interesting and I kept expecting them to get better and then I'd get disappointed. The only one I liked was the second to the last story. I think it was called Tricks. The last story I didn't unde [...]

    23. Os oito contos de Alice Munro, reunidos em Fugas contêm vidas inteiras. Vidas de mulheres, das suas relações, dos seus conflitos, das suas buscas incessantes de um significado para as suas vidas.«Fugas é um grande prato de caviar, a navegar sobre uma brilhante cama de gelo, com uma colher de madrepérola. Lembre-se: é por esta razão que come, lê, faz amor, o que quer que seja – para se entregar à [para se deixar levar pela] tola sensação de admiração e prazer.» (The Washington Po [...]

    24. به آلیس مونرو اعتماد دارم. به نثرش، روایتش، خط داستانش، به شخصیت‌هاش که نه خیلی خاصن نه خیلی دورنگرا، نه عجیب و غریب. معمولی و عادین. بهش اعتماد دارم چون می‌دونم بلده. همه چیز رو می‌دونه. با ظرافت یه بانوی کانادایی میدونه کجا چیکار کنه. مثل وقتی که خط داستان مث یه نمودار سینوسی [...]

    25. 5 saoThật khó để có thể đánh giá một tập truyện ngắn 5 sao, vì không phải truyện nào trong đó cũng có chất lượng như nhau. Nhưng với cuốn truyện ngắn này mình không ngần ngại gì khi cho nó 5 sao, với chất lượng mỗi truyện theo mình đều từ tốt đến xuất sắc.Đọc xong hết cả quyển sách thì cảm giác đầu tiên của mình là bất ngờ. Vì phong cách viết của tác giả quá đa dạng, biến đ [...]

    26. I've never been a fan of short stories. And until recently I wasn't aware that I share this dislike with a pretty significant amount of people…I've been seeing around how common it is for people who read novels not to like short stories. It would be interesting to know if the reasons for that distaste are all similar, at the core.So, I started this book with an open mind. I was excited to read it, knowing after all, that Alice Munro is a Nobel Laureate from 2013 and that her fan base consists [...]

    27. This will be my second read of this book. It's been a few years and also a while since I've read any Alice Munro, my favorite writer. Nobel Prize winner now and well deserved! I decided to read it because my friend Alice wrote some trivia questions from it and I couldn't remember much. "Runaway" is the lead story and one I read first in The New Yorker. In fact, I may not have actually read any of these stories in book form before. Five of the eight appeared in the New Yorker and that's where I l [...]

    28. Sometimes after reading several male authors in succession, I suddenly have a deep longing for the feminine voice, and so was delighted to settle in to this collection of stories that all center around women (up to and including my favorite female of all, the little white nanny goat, Flora, in Runaway). Munro does a great job of capturing the interior world of women at all ages, the feelings and thoughts so real to us. She also has a special talent for putting into words the quiet revelations li [...]

    29. Bu kitabı " Mrs. Traves'in evinde okumak isterdim. Grace 'ın yaptığı gibi " Beni görünce kimse konuşmasın isterdim; okuduklarım ile biraz yalnız kalabileyim diye Tıpkı Mrs. Travers'ın Grace'e yaptığı gibiBu kitaptaki 3 hikayeden esinlenerek Pedro Almodovar'ın yönetmenliğini yaptığı filmi de izledim. Alice Munro ne kadar ağlak dramdan, nasihatten, ders vermekten uzak durmuşsa Julieta filmi tamamen aksi olmuş. Filmi kendi sinema bütünlüğü içinde beğenmedim; anlatı [...]

    30. How has it taken me so long to discover Alice Munro? Probably because, like so many other reviewers, I'm not that keen on short stories and my favourite short story writers tend to be of the 'dirty realist', quirky snippets of every day life style - Raymond Carver, Flannery O'Connor. Alice Munro's stories are more like short novels often covering large expanses of time and of her characters' lives. Indeed the three Juliet stories at the heart of this collection could easily have been turned into [...]

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