Northwest Smith

Northwest Smith In C L Moore contributed the first of her famous Northwest Smith stories to the old Weird Tales magazine Remarkable in that she was not only young but a woman who was featured in a magazine domi

  • Title: Northwest Smith
  • Author: C.L. Moore
  • ISBN: 9780441586134
  • Page: 186
  • Format: Paperback
  • In 1933 C L Moore contributed the first of her famous Northwest Smith stories to the old Weird Tales magazine Remarkable in that she was not only young, but a woman who was featured in a magazine dominated by male authors That shadowy tale was called Shambleau and it took the Gorgon Medusa legend out of earthly trappings and placed it on other worlds.The Northwest SIn 1933 C L Moore contributed the first of her famous Northwest Smith stories to the old Weird Tales magazine Remarkable in that she was not only young, but a woman who was featured in a magazine dominated by male authors That shadowy tale was called Shambleau and it took the Gorgon Medusa legend out of earthly trappings and placed it on other worlds.The Northwest Smith stories continued over a period of years with a great degree of success Scarlet Dream offers ten of these fantastic, interplanetary tales, personally selected for this volume by the author.Contents 1 Shambleau Northwest Smith 1933 novelette by C L Moore35 Black Thirst Northwest Smith 1934 novelette by C L Moore77 The Tree of Life Northwest Smith 1936 novelette by C L Moore109 Scarlet Dream Northwest Smith 1934 novelette by C L Moore137 Dust of the Gods Northwest Smith 1934 novelette by C L Moore167 Lost Paradise Northwest Smith 1936 novelette by C L Moore195 Julhi Northwest Smith 1935 novelette by C L Moore231 The Cold Gray God Northwest Smith 1935 novelette by C L Moore261 Yvala Northwest Smith 1936 novelette by C L Moore295 Song in a Minor Key Northwest Smith 1940 shortstory by C L Moore

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    About “C.L. Moore”

    1. C.L. Moore

      Excerpted from Catherine Lucille Moore was an American science fiction and fantasy writer, as C L Moore She was one of the first women to write in the genre, and paved the way for many other female writers in speculative fiction.Moore met Henry Kuttner, also a science fiction writer, in 1936 when he wrote her a fan letter mistakenly thinking that C L Moore was a man , and they married in 1940.Afterwards, almost all of their stories were written in collaboration under various pseudonyms, most commonly Lewis Padgett another pseudonym, one Moore often employed for works that involved little or no collaboration, was Lawrence O Donnell.

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    1. **BE SURE TO READ ALL MY STATUSES FOR THIS BOOK**Rating: 4* of fiveC.L. Moore was a phenom. She was a popular pulp goddess in an era that welcomed not the talented female, not even the grudging welcome of the feminist awakening time or the offhand occasional kudo of today's dismal cultural landscape. She muscled her way through the door of a paid writing career on talent, nary a wile or a compromise in her lifestyle to be seen. It's true that she marriedHenry Kuttnerd that she and her husband fr [...]

    2. I love the unabashed pulpiness, the lush and dangerous sexuality, the disquieting intimations of things man was not meant to know, the noirish sensibility, and the bittersweet texture of regret beneath all the manly adventuring. “Shambleau” would be a great story even without the killer last line, but it’s the regret and vulnerability in the last line that makes it unforgettable.

    3. Northwest Smith is Moore's outer space adventurer. These stories are space opera, but with a heart and passion that is rarely scene in the genre. Moore's ability to create beautiful and sensous worlds is almost unmatched. Note, the later collection called Northwest of Earth has all these stories and some other bits and pieces, plus an introduction.

    4. Admittedly, the style isn't for everyone. Moore plays in the same space as Leigh Brackett, with pulpish adventures in a habitable solar system featuring a dangerous, almost feral antihero. But while Brackett's writing is lean and efficient, Moore is more syrupy and tends towards purple prose, especially in scenes of phantasmagoria or extraplanar/extradimensional/dreamlike states. These scenes seem to appear in each story: Northwest Smith is subjected to such mind-blasting horror and outre experi [...]

    5. Although Northwest Smith is not the most famous of Moore’s characters, he was the first. Even if not as cerebral as her work later in life her talent and vivacity come thorough nonetheless. Her focus on the protagonists emotional state was unusual for the time, and had obvious influences from other Weird Tails authors of the past, including image to H. P. Lovecraft, R. Howard and C. A. Smith. For a fan of “Old Mars” this should be as indispensable as Brackett or Bradbury.

    6. e, amazingly, there are still some classics of science fiction I haven't read, and this was one of them.Partway through I found myself wondering _why_ this was a "classic of science fiction." It has stfnal trappings, but it's basically a collection of sword-n-sorcery stories, written to a (fairly flexible, to be fair) formula. Near the end I looked at the copyright information. With one exception (the one story that doesn't follow the formula), this stuff was written in the 1930s, before Campbel [...]

    7. Pulpy sci-fi adventures with a touch of the weird--closer to Lovecraft than Burroughs, but with its own unique flavor. Moore's prose is vivid and well-crafted, and Northwest Smith is a fascinating, ambiguous character that I would like to know more about. (I feel that way about Jirel of Joiry too; I wish Moore had written bucketloads more than she did!)

    8. Northwest Smith, legendary hero of the spaceways, is a 1930's style adventurer. He falls for the femme fatale nearly every time. But the ladies aren't always human and the adventures usually pit him against something dark and evil. It's pulp science fiction with a references to Greek Mythology and a lyrical language that surprised me.

    9. Written in 1933, it still holds up today. It was recommended to me by Mike Resnick and I was surprised at the quality of a book that was so old in Science Fiction. I would recommend this book to others and keep an open mind when reading it.

    10. Some of C. L. Moore's earliest stories, all but one from Weird Tales between 1933 and 1936. These hardly strike me as being science fiction anymore. We now know so much more about Mars, Venus, and the moons of Jupiter as real places that these places in Northwest Smith's universe can seem no more that the stuff of dreams. That said, it does not really detract much from the stories, which are very much stories of dream states and epic battles fought in dreams.I fell in love with C. L. Moore's wri [...]

    11. panopticonitalia/2We start by saying that this anthology of short stories was published in Italy, thanks to the meticulous research of Sandro Pergamon, which has found many difficulties in finding all the writings of CL Moore. Consider that these stories were published the first time in the thirties of the last century of Weird Tales and have been reprinted in the fifties in the two volumes are difficult to find.In any case, the work revolves around the adventures of Northwest Smith, a ruthless [...]

    12. From the classic era of pulp sci-fi, the Northwest Smith stories take the reader to a solar system as it should be: where Venus is a hothouse planet of cold-blooded, ruthless, pale men and women; where Mars is a dusty land of ancient gods; where Earth is a technological jewel; and where Northwest Smith is adventurer, rogue, miscreant, and proto-Han Solo. Beyond space opera, Northwest Smith finds himself dealing with powers that no human should be able to surmount, and yet through luck, friends, [...]

    13. "Shambleu," the first Northwest Smith story, is a fascinating work of symbolic sexuality, vaguely feminist, highly dreamlike. The rest of the stories mostly follow the formula of the first, so that it seems as if one is reading the same story over and over.

    14. Admittedly progressive for it's time, I still couldn't get past the racism, sexism and arguable homophobia.But the writing was good and I'd like to explore her more mature work.

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