Subversia In this bare knuckled frankly autobiographical collection D R Haney shares a series of personal essays on his life struggles and artistic evolution from punk rock malcontent in s New York to

  • Title: Subversia
  • Author: D.R. Haney
  • ISBN: 9780982859803
  • Page: 251
  • Format: Paperback
  • In this bare knuckled, frankly autobiographical collection, D.R Haney shares a series of personal essays on his life, struggles, and artistic evolution from punk rock malcontent in 1980s New York, to B movie actor in the films of Roger Corman to screenwriter on Friday the 13th Part VII to expatriated American writer in Serbia to author of the celebrated underground noIn this bare knuckled, frankly autobiographical collection, D.R Haney shares a series of personal essays on his life, struggles, and artistic evolution from punk rock malcontent in 1980s New York, to B movie actor in the films of Roger Corman to screenwriter on Friday the 13th Part VII to expatriated American writer in Serbia to author of the celebrated underground novel Banned for Life Consisting of material originally published by the popular online literary magazine The Nervous Breakdown, Subversia is written with the bracing candor and lyrical beauty that have earned Haney a well deserved cult following worldwide Subversia is an excellent collection of autobiographical short pieces, original and often rawHaney is what you could call an authentically authentic voice he comes out of the mold of beat punk Kerouac worship, which has inspired enough writing and music making that it should be considered genre, and judged by its own standardsbut, if such a genre exists, then Haney rises above it easily He is a near master of the final sentence, the one that pulls it all together and adds a dimension to the whole piece L.A Observed a fast ride on the wild sideSubversia is an accounting of real life in perfect focus The New York Journal of Books Frequently heartfelt and personal, Haney interweaves tiny details with weighty subjects deftly, through articles smartly ordered for just the right balance of thematic lilt and interest holding lurch he writes in a way that is infectious and gimmick freehis enthusiasm for people, creativity and the whole world, is bottomless Subversia is a joyful read on depressing subjects, and the consistency and precision of the writing makes it work PANK Magazine whether he s fantasizing about killing his talkative girlfriend and then sharing that thought with her or taking a shower for his camp counselor s private Kodak moment no matter how ugly, Haney just puts it out there without care or thought to judgment BookFetish Drug abuse, wild punk rock concerts, a short lived James Dean icon phase, a car accident that nearly killed him, all of the shitty side jobs he worked and screenplays he wrote to keep a dollar in his pocket it s all in hereSubversia reads like a conversation between two very close friends The Next Best Book Blog a series of vivid episodes formative and destructive, hilarious and heartbreaking that illuminate the mind of an intense soul whose charisma is outshined only by his unrelenting honesty Richard Cox, author of Rift and The God Particle D.R Haney may very well be the illegitimate love child of Henry Rollins and David Sedaris Jeff Martin, author of My Dog Ate My Nobel Prize and editor of The Customer Is Always Wrong The Retail Chronicles Haney s blend of intoxicating content, sharply selected language, and unexpected humor is better than all the heroin in Serbia Lenore Zion, author of My Dead Pets Are Interesting Haney is absolutely compelling You ll want to read his pieces over and over, and each time you ll marvel at how he took you someplace utterly different than the time before Robin Antalek, author of The Summer We Fell Apart It is a tribute to Haney s immense charisma, brutal honesty, and charming prose that in spite of everything he confesses, one can t help but fall hopelessly in love with him Jessica Anya Blau, author of The Summer of Naked Swim Parties and Drinking Closer to Home The man writes a book It is a great book of fiction How will I ever top this he says He walks around, and sits and thinks Then he writes a great book of essays Ben Loory, author of Stories for Nighttime and Some for the Day

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    1. D.R. Haney

      D R Haney is the author of a novel, Banned for Life, and a nonfiction collection, Subversia He s known to friends as Duke.A few links Interview with novelist Darcia Helle 7 2011Profile in the San Antonio Current 12 10PANK magazine s review of Subversia Banned for Life Book Notes at Largehearted Boy Podcast interview on Indie 103.1 in Los Angeles Suicide Girls Radio 9 29 2008Review of Banned for Life at The Next Best Book BlogInterview at The Next Best Book Blog 4 10Interview about Banned at The Nervous Breakdown 7 09Piece in Tank magazine UK 1 2009Reflections on William Faulkner at Three Guys One BookSelf interview about rock roll, movies, fame, and the writing process, among other matters

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    1. I’m the author of this book, and here are a few things I would like to say about it. It was written over the course of a year, with no idea for most of that year the included pieces would be published as a collection. When the collection was announced, a few new pieces were written for it. I wish there had been time enough to write others. The book’s brevity is, for me, its chief fault. Some pieces are stronger than others, as will inevitably be the case, though I’ve been surprised when pe [...]

    2. I was feeling pretty sick and shitty this past week or so with a summer cold and the coming of the new semester, and Duke came by to talk. He regaled me with tales of Belgrade, and his time as a Montenegrin film star. We talked about screenwriting in L.A. -- a job we both did, though he was more successful than I in substanitive terms -- and I couldn't help being impressed by his credits, but mostly I was impressed by the way he absorbed the world he was moving through. That story about wanderin [...]

    3. I was lucky enough to meet Duke Haney once at a party at a mutual friend's house in L.A. I remember immediately liking him and after reading this book of his personal essays I now understand why. How could you not like someone who can write about their own life with such honesty and humor and depth? There is no pretension in Duke's stories even though the life he's led would allow for some. Reading this was like talking to Duke at that party. He's just a cool guy, a nice guy, telling you a bit a [...]

    4. Subversia is a collection of short stories that were originally published on thenervousbreakdown. The stories have a great mix of humor and tragedy. Haney is a very talented writer. Some people have a natural way with words that flow and he is one of them. I love when I can find a book and be struck by just a sentence and think, "Now that was a beautiful sentence."I just have to say I love the cover. I was instantly drawn to it. After starting the book and reading Haney's Goodread's review, I le [...]

    5. D.R. Haney wrote a piece about a young actor and member of Mel Lyman's infamous Boston “family” who gobbled acid and resembled their west coast counterparts, that included an astrological reading by a fb friend in its exhaustive research. Like many past the flushing bloom of youth (44) I tend to sleep a few hours before waking up, I usually then read a bit and go back to sleep. But this was different; sleep would have to wait until the next night. Long form journalism, exquisitely researched [...]

    6. Signed, and tea-spilled, by author for review.I'm a fan of Duke Haney. I fell in love with his novel Banned For Life, which I reviewed here in March. As a struggling actor, screenplay writer, musician, and author, I don't think there is anything out there that this guy hasn't seen or done first hand and in Subversia, his newest release - an autobiographical collection of stories/essays - he puts it out there, "warts and all", for the whole world to read.From attending summer camp at the age of 1 [...]

    7. If you read online Lit journals you've no doubt heard of The Nervous Breakdown. Unless you're like me and even though I'm a writer and profess to be down with whatever is new and happening and interested in what my fellow writers are putting out there – I've been too "busy" – read: too totally self-absorbed getting my own crap published – that I missed all the essays D.R. Haney wrote for the TNB (I actually personally know a few of the site's contributors, and I haven't read their stuff ei [...]

    8. Haney's book Subversia is made up of a bunch of stories published on the literary website The Nervous Breakdown. Stories range from Hollywood, hanging out with old and new friends, punk music, etc. You think you have a pretty straight forward story going and then all of a sudden at the end Haney switches it up on ya and you receive a nice little emotional punch to the gut! The writing is raw, honest and coming straight from the heart. Nothing seems to be held back. If you aren't into little pers [...]

    9. i should've written a review for this months ago. as it is, i gave my copy away because i wanted to share these thoughtful essays with other friends. a great collection of non-fiction writing, a collection of essays from the careful and incomparable duke haney. definitely worth picking up, and adding to your library. i'd also recommend his novel banned for life. (for some reason is not letting me add a link to it, so i'll do that later. :)

    10. A series of autobiographical essays, told with a raw honesty, at times funny, sad, humiliating, cringeworthy, gutwrenching, but all riveting. I didn't want to put it down. He has a way of capturing the everyday in a way that pulls you right into the story, like you're hanging out with your best friend who's relating an adventurous night out, or revealing some secret from the past.

    11. I am so excited to read this book. The author is a friend on Good Reads and was kind enough to send me a signed copy. Gonna finish up my Chelsey Handler book tonight and start on this one tomorrow. Thanks Duke!

    12. A golden chronicle of the history of TheNervousBreakdown. And not that it means to be. What it means to be might be more like a good mix of touching, silly, and/or rowdy stories about some key experiences that Duke Haney has chosen to share. And it is that! But what it also ends up being is an important historical document that chronicles (in its own way) the history of the original and golden era of the fantastic literary site that is The Nervous Breakdown.And goodness, there's a touching story [...]

    13. Well, I have finally started reading through this cornucopia of life snippets. Took me long enough, huh? I am one essay in and in all honesty I can see this being one of those books that makes me feel just a little more normal, in the everyday sense of the word. And by that I mean boring. This book is going to make my lower-middle-class upbringing in the Southern part of the United States feel like it falls short. Of what, I don't know. But inadequate is a word i find myself wanting to use. I ha [...]

    14. This was a great book of essays. When not incredibly moving (as a few of the essays are) they were humorous, and forthright. I was a bit lukewarm with the interviews at the end of the book when compared to the preceding essays.Regardless, I am definitely going to pickup Haney's novel Banned for Life soon.

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