The Crocodile Hunter: The Incredible Life and Adventures of Steve and Terri Irwin

The Crocodile Hunter The Incredible Life and Adventures of Steve and Terri Irwin After thrilling millions of viewers with their incredibly popular show Steve and Terri Irwin now regale readers with tales of the deadliest animals they have encountered in their extensive travels th

  • Title: The Crocodile Hunter: The Incredible Life and Adventures of Steve and Terri Irwin
  • Author: Steve Irwin Terri Irwin
  • ISBN: 9780525946359
  • Page: 117
  • Format: Hardcover
  • After thrilling millions of viewers with their incredibly popular show, Steve and Terri Irwin now regale readers with tales of the deadliest animals they have encountered in their extensive travels throughout the world Full color photos throughout.

    The Crocodile Hunter TV Series Oct , Steve Irwin and his wife Terri run a wildlife refuge in Australia which houses many of the continent s most dangerous animals, including the much feared crocodile and numerous venomous snakes Steve s speciality is the capture and relocation of The Crocodile Hunter Animal Planet The Crocodile Hunter Official Site Watch Full Episodes, Get Behind the Scenes, Meet the Cast, and much Stream The Crocodile Hunter FREE with Your TV Subscription The Crocodile Hunter The Crocodile Hunter Relive the Legacy Stream whole seasons of this Animal Planet favorite, free, and watch the latest specials. Steve Irwin Welcome to The Crocodile Hunter Website Crocodile Hunter Travel Mug Coloured Take a look at the must see photographsof the incredible Crocodile Hunters, Steve and Terri Irwin, and some amazing wildlife You can also check out photos of the entire Australia Zoo Crew all of them The Crocodile Hunter Collision Course Jul , The Crocodile Hunter mistakes some CIA agents for poachers and sets out to stop them from capturing a wily croc which, unbeknownst to him, has swallowed a tracking drone. The Crocodile Hunter The Crocodile Hunter is a wildlife documentary television series that was hosted by Steve Irwin and his wife, Terri The show became a popular franchise due to Irwin s unconventional approach to wildlife. Wild in the USA The Crocodile Hunter Crocodile Hunter Wildest Home Videos In this wild romp through the best of the video archives of the Australia Zoo, the Irwins get snapped at by crocodiles, bitten by snakes and chased by various furry things The Crocodile Hunter Season Episode i Island of Time. The Crocodile Hunter The Incredible Life and Adventures Steve Irwin is the host of the smash hit show The Crocodile Hunter and, along with his wife, Terri, runs one of the largest private animal refuges in Australia This is his first book Read Google Doodle honors Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin UPI Feb , The Crocodile Hunter has been seen in than countries and by million people Terri hosted the series as well, which also featured their children, Bindi and Robert. The crocodile hunter Steve and the dragon YouTube Jun , Steve ventured to the remote part of Indonesian islands to observe the largest lizard in the world, Komodo Dragon All contents belong to Discovery Communications.

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    1. Steve Irwin Terri Irwin

      Australian tv personality nicknamed Crocodile hunter for his crocodile handling.Irwin died in 2006 when a stingray s tail perforated his heart while filming in Australia s Great Barrier Reef.The environmentalist organization Sea Shepperd named a ship after him.

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    1. This was a fantastic read. It was wonderful, to hear Steve's voice again in my mind while reading this. The stories that was in the book were not new to me. I had read or seen, the animal documentaries that was talked about in this book. It was just nice, to spend a few days reading about Steve again. The pictures through out the book were great as well. You can see, why Steve loved the wildlife he saved during his life.

    2. This book is a very good book to show how Steve Irwin lived his life and became known as the crocodile hunter. The book talks about his very early years when he was trying to impress his dad by catching all sorts of animals and usually it didn't work out. He was in a couple deadly situations just trying to make his dad proud his dad was his hero. A big part of his story was growing up and being around all the different environments him and his dad were around all their life. Steve was almost mor [...]

    3. this book was really cool because it said alot about his early years i never knew that he caught his first croc when he was 9 years old it was a fresh water croc he fallowed his dads foots steps he wanted to be just like his dad his parents rescued alot of abandon,hurt,and orphan animals they had there own reptile zoo Steve would never quit when he did anything he is a person to look up on because he did what he loved and never quiti recommend this book to any one this book is like a drug becaus [...]

    4. In The Crocodile Hunter: The Incredible Life and Adventures of Steve and Terri Irwin, Steve and Terry Irwin portray their passion for animals growing up in Australia. The writer's word choice makes this book interesting for the reader. When Steve describes his trip to capture one of the worlds largest crocodiles, he says "a truly magnificent tidal system laced with enchanted mangroves and wetlands" (Irwin 27). We as a reader can visualize the "magnificent tidal system". The use of words such as [...]

    5. Think about Australian animals and kangaroos and koalas come to mind. The range of animals is so much greater. Some I hadn't given much thought to were crocodiles and snakes.People have trouble dealing with large predators. Perhaps there is a distant memory of being under threat by them. The response is to kill them and, in so doing, to kill the ecosystems in which they live.Crocodiles are one of those animals in Australia. Steve Irwin and his family are on the front lines trying to educate peop [...]

    6. The Crocodile Hunter by Steve and Terri Irwin is a great book. It's a great autobiography written by Steve and Terri. I like this book because I love reptiles and I've always liked him and what he does since I was 4. Steve Irwin got his name Crocodile Hunter because he loves crocodiles/animals. This book is about Steve and Terri's wild adventures.Steve Irwin was born on February 22, 1962. He grew up with reptiles. Where ever he went he was always trying to catch something a lizard or a snake. He [...]

    7. I enjoyed this book, though parts of it seemed slightly exaggerated (ie: as a boy Steve recalls "often catching and releasing a hundred lizards in an hour".)I did like the passion that both Steve and Terri have for animals and the well being of the earth's ecosystems. I miss Steve all over again because he took such an active roll to help animals. Helping animals really was an immense part of his life - and what he did for animals would ultimately help human beings, too.An easy read and a great [...]

    8. #NCOwn in paperback.FS: "The Irwin crocodile story begins with my parents. Bob and Lyn Irwin."LS: "This deep-seated passion has come from the beginnings of Australia Zoo's history, and has created a wildlife "force" which has reached millions of people in every corner of the earth by virtue of Steve Irwin, television's Crocodile Hunter, his entire family, and the staff of the Australia Zoo. The message is simple: love and conserve wildlife."

    9. I read this for the Book Riot Read Harder Challenge 2015. An extra challenge I added for fun: Read an autobiography/memoir.

    10. I think I read this years ago, perhaps in middle school, when I did a project on Steve Irwin in the 8th grade.

    11. Crikey! What can I say! I absolutely loved this book. The passion and information and love that it contains is pretty unreal. I should probably say that I really love animals and I watched his show a lot when I was younger. I feel many people don't take steve irwin seriously because they don't see the excitement and passion for animals but instead see what they think are his catchphrases, which is just him. He may of been more than a little eccentric but for me it gave a refreshing change to hav [...]

    12. As Steve Irwin's only autobiography, "The crocodile hunter : the incredible life and adventures of Steve and Terri Irwin", tells a wonderful tale of his life and times written in Steve's own distinct style. From his parent's meeting to the success of the Crocodile Hunter TV show to the birth of Bindi Irwin and to the loss of Steve's mother Lynn, "The crocodile hunter" will make you laugh and make you cry as it shows the inner-workings of Steve Irwin.

    13. Read this when we where working on some Toys based on Steve. Amazing what a man can do when he follows his passion.

    14. I love this book, I read this when I was a child, same title but different cover and mine even came with a DVD attached, if I'm not mistaken I even watched every one of his shows, RIP role model Steve Irwin 22/02/1962 - 04/09/2006

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