Special Forces - Mercenaries Part I

Special Forces Mercenaries Part I Special Forces is the story of a Scottish SAS soldier and a Soviet spetsnaz soldier Two enemies who meet in the line of duty during the early days of the Soviet Union s last war in Afghanistan Behind

  • Title: Special Forces - Mercenaries Part I
  • Author: Aleksandr Voinov Marquesate Vashtan
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  • Page: 120
  • Format: Paperback
  • Special Forces is the story of a Scottish SAS soldier and a Soviet spetsnaz soldier Two enemies who meet in the line of duty during the early days of the Soviet Union s last war in Afghanistan Behind enemy lines respect and finally love grow but that s only the official version This epic spans across over twenty five years of their lives It s harsh and violent, butSpecial Forces is the story of a Scottish SAS soldier and a Soviet spetsnaz soldier Two enemies who meet in the line of duty during the early days of the Soviet Union s last war in Afghanistan Behind enemy lines respect and finally love grow but that s only the official version This epic spans across over twenty five years of their lives It s harsh and violent, but life is cruel and they just do what they need to survive Special Forces Mercenaries is the second cycle of the Special Forces epic, which consists of three cycles and about a million words The Mercenaries cycle is so large, it is available in two parts, of which this is the first part The first cycle is Soldiers and the third one is Veterans.This print version is the original version of Special Forces, as it was edited by the authors of the time of first publication on Marquesate s website The Mercenaries cycle was published between May 2007 and November 2008 This is the only version that is authorised by Marquesate.This print version of Special Forces is strictly non profit and print cost only The paperback of this original version is available from Lulu here.The ebook version is available for free download, and the original chapters remain as a free read on Marquesate s website.

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    1. 4 Stars with Andrea.This series is pretty heavy going at times but I'm completely addicted to it.Dan is still hurting from events that took place in Finland and is full of anger.Vadim has been through so much but is desperate to see Dan and try and explain why he had to walk away and gets himself deployed to the camp Dan is in.I really didn't like Dan here.I hated the way he treat Vadim when he arrived in camp.I hated his almost blind ignorance to what Vadim must have been feeling at times.This [...]

    2. Review completed October 25, 2012"LET HE WHO IS WITHOUT SIN CAST THE FIRST STONE.""That which does not kill us makes us stronger."- by Friedrich Nietzsche -4.5 stars.I've read the original version in August 2011. First read of the Director's Cut in October 2012.It f@@@ing hurts when two men who love each other are drowning in reciprocal pain and don't know how to take their finger out of their asses and act…come on…do something…just talk already…just do anything to stop hurting each othe [...]

    3. ***REVIEW TO COME***Just a quick thought about the end (view spoiler)[ I like angsty endings, happy ones when there are more books in the series is not fun but I loved this sooooooo freaking much that I cannot give this book less than 5 stars (hide spoiler)]-------------I know this book will destroy me but right now I feel like a drug addict and this book is like the best hash from Morocco.["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]& [...]

    4. Absurdly entertaining.It felt like two different books. The first: an astounding story of endurance and sacrifice and love. The second an astounding story of endurance and sacrifice and love plus fucking.It features a fatal helicopter crash, which requires a coded radio conversation to coordinate a rescue, which critically hinges upon a previous episode of fistfucking in an Afghani cave.Which was the single most romantic thing I have read to date.So.Yeah.It's not the novel I thought it was.It's [...]

    5. "Once upon a time, a mountain lion and a tiger escaped a circus"I'm just so high right now with the ending, that I'll overlook all the heartbreak the first half of the book brought me. While Soldiers ripped my heart out with the emotional intensity, in Mercenaries I ripped my hair out from the frustration! I have to say, I wanted to use a club and bash some of the characters!*Do not read this if you haven't read Special Forces: Soldiers!*The storyIt picks up right after the ending of Soldiers (a [...]

    6. Apparently at some point in my life, I had decided to entrust my heart to Aleksandr Voinov (The Genius) and said, “Here, have it…” To which, he replied, “Come, Susan. Read Special Forces: Mercenaries (Part I) and let me feed your heart through a meat grinder”.Where Soldiers gruelingly and meticulously took us through the birth and development of the love story between Dan and Vadim, Mercenaries threw every possible grenade at that love to see if it could last. I felt like I was in batt [...]

    7. Perfect! 5+++ stars!Mercenaries I is almost impossible to review without spoiling it. Something happens within the first few pages that sets the storyline for the entire book. Needless to say, I loved it. Dan McFayden is an ex-SAS soldier, now a mercenary. Special Forces is the long, torturous 25-year love story between him and Soviet Spetsnaz soldier Vadim Krasnorada. The series is not for the faint of heart. It's brutally intense, graphic at times, and elicits and all-encompassing rock-your-wo [...]

    8. Mercenaries Part I is the second book in the Special Forces series which spans twenty five years in the lives of Scottish SAS soldier, Dan, and Soviet Spetsnaz soldier, Vadim. I loved and adored the first book,Soldiers. I loved how Dan and Vadim's relationship evolved and how something so fucked up could turn into something so beautiful. Only to turn into something really fucked up again in Mercenaries part I….When reading this, keep reminding yourself that this is not a romance. It's a love s [...]

    9. *****Review contains spoilers******This book is far more difficult to review than the first. I'm having a hard time separating my personal preferences from the actual content of the book. Maybe I should call this a rant and not a review, LOL.A few words come to mind when thinking of this book. One word ANGER, all towards Dan (and Jean)! The other, compassion and strength all towards Vadim! So I can't say how much I hate how Dan treated Vadim in this book. Vadim is taken a prisoner of war by the [...]

    10. What an exceptional emotional journey. Dan and Vadim's saga continues, and it is one hell of an emotional roller coaster ride. This review is Spoiler Free: VadimVadim Krasnorada and Dan McFadyen both experience a life altering traumatic event that changes each of them. The change is so extreme, that they no longer recognize the man they once loved more than life itself. They say what doesn't kill you make's you stronger. Dan was so emotionally broken that he ran away, unable to deal with the min [...]

    11. What. A. Fucking. Mess. This book was all over the place. What with Dan being a selfish bitch, and doing everything in his power to make everything as difficult as he can for Vadim. and with Jean acting like some side-hoe that wants to be the main-hoe but fails, yet still unwilling to buckle. I don't understand Dan at all in this book. It is as if the man I have come to love and adore in Soldier just vanished into thin air and instead be replaced by this vile childish piece of crap.From the very [...]

    12. 5 HUGE HEARTBREAKING STARS!!! And THAT were my thoughts at the end of this partFirst I decided to rate Mercenaries Part 1 after reading the Part II, but I changed my mind.Because I have that strange feeling in my stomach according the second part, name it my sick premonition. Soldiers took my breath away. There are no words to describe what this book did to me. I was overwhelmed with emotions and intensity of the relationship between Dan and Vadim. I was lost somewhere in the middle space betwee [...]

    13. 5 starsI'm not going to try to come up with a review since there's so many already. I'll just list things that come to mind.1. Dan: When Dan is being DAN, I love him. I love how tender he can be with Vadim and how he lets all of his emotions out. Wellmewhat I should say. Both Dan and Vadim had to exorcise a lot of demons to becomermal (their normal anyway) again.2. Mad Dog: Quite franklyI hate Mad Dog. It's like he has to use "Mad Dog" as a cover so others will think he's a mean son of a bitch a [...]

    14. They say that every man can be broken, and when the strongest man breaks, he shatters. That's what happens to Vadim, two years after the KGB snatches him from Afghanistan to endure solitary confinement and torture in prison in Russia. Dan spends every ounce of his time, effort, spirit and money on getting Vadim out. But the man who walks away from Russia towards Dan is not the man he left in that hotel room. And Dan has neither the experience nor the patience to figure out who this new man is, b [...]

    15. "Dying was easy,living was hard."In 'Soldiers' we were presented with two warriors. Two men who at times seemed to be indestructible. Their bodies were capable of withstanding so much, the abuse caused by war and that which they inflicted upon each other. Their scars a map that showed us the journey they took from enemies to lovers. Both Dan and Vadim didn't seem to question any of their actions during their time in Afghanistan. They accepted that they did things that were questionable, cruel or [...]

    16. ***Spoilers Ahead***“I don’t believe there’s anything like a soul. But I believe most people are asleep. They aren’t even aware what they are, or that they are alive.”Mercenaries part I is book two in the epic Special Forces series which tells the story and battle of love and pain between Vadim Krasnorada and Dan McFadyen. Two men that have completely embedded themselves in my head, heart, and soul. I am not going to lie to you. This series is intense, emotional and brutal. Early on in [...]

    17. I don't really know where to start with this review. I'll do my usual gibberish hoping I'll make some sense in the end.I was so heartbroken and so angry at the same time while reading this installment. And it was all Dan. With his Mad Dog sexcapades he ripped my heart out and stomped on it. Vadim? At a certain point my emotions for him were so intense, my chest felt like caving in. I wished he were a real person so that I could hug him and tell him everything was going to be all right, one way o [...]

    18. **Buddy read with Drunken Panda Amanda and Melissa The Pervy Nerd**5 StarsWOW!! THAT ENDING WAS SO AWESOME!!!I AM FANNING MYSELF AND CAN'T STOP SMILING!!"We will be together, come what may."I finished reading Special Forces: Soldiers with such a high. I was absolutely euphoric. Then this book picked up where it left off and everything goes CRAZY. The action in this book had me not wanting to put this down. I couldn't stand for anything to happen to them. My heart was pumping and I was nervously [...]

    19. I've been thinking on how could I start my review But how can I explain that a book was able to tear my heart and my soul how can I explain that I felt so devastated, so sad, that I couldn't stop crying on the first half of this amazing book???? It was not easy see what Vadim went through while in prison and it was even more hard to see how Dan react to the idea of loosing the love of his life forever! Dan protected his heart being reckless, frivolous and building a feelingless heart. However wh [...]

    20. Many apologies! *Head Slap* I originally had the wrong review posted for this book. As well as the wrong updates! I am such an arse! Please feel free to unlike this review if you previously liked it. It has now been posted under the correct title.Yes I have now finished this one! I'm sure, I checked! Proper review to followybe. But just so you know, nothing changes in my opinion, that, after another epic sequel, these are still the most sublime books I have ever read! EVER people EVER!From shock [...]

    21. ****5 MiNd FuCkInG sTaRs**** Dan "Mad Dog""Mine""Always.""Till death do us part, as they say." Vadim Our Ruskie "Rocky"Vadim and Dan's continued story is so addictive Mercenaries continues on from Soldiers. To say this emotionally fucked with me is an understatement.I don't think a book has ever provoked such strong emotions in me. At one point I was so totally pissed with Dan poor husband got the brunt of my bad mood (I kid you not). He asked what was eating me, when I said it was my book I was [...]

    22. I waited before reading this book, because I knew it was going to be a long suffering. My heart has been beating a little too fast since I began to read it and I am too old to sustain this stress.To Dan at 75% of the book.Holy cow! First of all, Dan, you are a disappointing piece of shit. You are so selfish, you have no idea. It's always "You left me, Vadim. You didn't say a word, Vadim. You didn't do this. You didn't do that." Dan, you're a dickhead, the biggest one of all. You didn't see that [...]

    23. Pretty fucked up if you ask me, Dan being a complete slut and an utter whore with no morals as soon as they return from their R&R from Thailand. Personally, I did not see any difference in sex between Dan and jean. I think they both deserve each other, and I don’t think in my years and years of reading I have ever felt so disgusted and so utterly repulsed by such a pungent act, an atrocity of the most demeaning level by Dan. “Love you and you alone vaidm”…. ass, this guy has no moral [...]

    24. EDIT 7.11.12 (this is like the third or fourth edit but i forgot to write that): sorry, can't do this. it will not get 3 stars. i didn't like it! i give 5, no, 6 stars to the first half, but i just plain hated the second half. it's disturbing just to think about it. alright, i know i'm weird, it's not normal that a book should influence me so much, but that's the way it is. let's say this is the average rating between the first half's 5 stars and the second half's less than zerous, i've read tha [...]

    25. I liked this better than the first one. Now I'm getting why Vadin and Dan belong to the exclusive group of charscters I will never forget.(view spoiler)[ (hide spoiler)]*****Review to come["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

    26. Okay, I finished!Another book for which I can't give a proper review now. Too many emotions.But I can tell that somehow this book moved me more than Soldiers (I still love Soldiers, of course), but if before I thought it was an emotional mess, M-1 is a rollercoaster that moved with my more unstable feeling: jealousy and possessiveness.And I was alone in my speech. Because the characters deal with it much better than me. lolBut I took some advice with Dan to bring up to my life. #winkwinkAnd agai [...]

    27. ******************** Spoilers Ahead ********************* Again, where the hell to start?Well I guess I will start by saying that the first 50% of this book completely kicked my arse. My God, it was brutal and exhausting to read. I honestly felt like I had run an emotional marathon. Drained! I officially hate Katya more than words can possibly say. I didn't see how this part of the book was necessary, at all other than making me hate Katya, who I had really liked before. But maybe this will be i [...]

    28. ««He reached for Dan's injured hand, opened the fingers and placed the bullet into the palm. "I mean this." Then thought Dan wouldn't get it. Wrestled with the words in English, but he was never sure he said what he wanted to say, anyway. "This is the bullet you'll use to kill me if I walk away again." Because if I walk away again, I'll be in so much pain I'm better off dead.»» In the first book, the author made me LOVE and hate their characters, and the situations were off the chart excelle [...]

    29. I read this series for the first time almost 5 years ago. First, holy shiznoly. Second, more holy shiznoly because I still remember most of it. Thirdly, rereading 5 years later, I see even more while still experiencing maaaaaaannnnnyyyyyyyy of the emotions I did the first time around.There's no way I can review this in any fashion that wouldn't result in a novel of my own. This is an unforgettable reading experience, the characters and emotions and journeys they all take.There's nowhere to hide [...]

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