The Ghost in the Mirror

The Ghost in the Mirror It was a warm summer day in when Rose Pottinger and Mrs Zimmermann entered the tunnel When they had emerged it was snowingd the year was Mrs Zimmermann had felt that the ghost of Granny Wet

  • Title: The Ghost in the Mirror
  • Author: John Bellairs Brad Strickland
  • ISBN: 9780140349344
  • Page: 356
  • Format: Paperback
  • It was a warm summer day in 1951 when Rose Pottinger and Mrs Zimmermann entered the tunnel When they had emerged, it was snowingd the year was 1828 Mrs Zimmermann had felt that the ghost of Granny Wetherbee, who had taught Mrs Zimmermann witchery, was in trouble and needed help So she and Rose Rita had traveled to Pennsylvania where Granny had lived They neveIt was a warm summer day in 1951 when Rose Pottinger and Mrs Zimmermann entered the tunnel When they had emerged, it was snowingd the year was 1828 Mrs Zimmermann had felt that the ghost of Granny Wetherbee, who had taught Mrs Zimmermann witchery, was in trouble and needed help So she and Rose Rita had traveled to Pennsylvania where Granny had lived They never dreamed that they would also journey back to a time long ago where they would encounter a sorcerer terrifying than either could have imagined Books by John Bellairs The Doom of the Haunted OperaThe Figure In the ShadowsThe Ghost in the MirrorThe House With a Clock In Its WallsThe Letter, the Witch, and the RingThe Mansion in the MistThe Specter From the Magician s MuseumThe Treasure of Alpheus WinterbornThe Vengeance of the Witch Finder

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    1. John Bellairs Brad Strickland

      John Bellairs 1938 1991 was an American novelist working primarily in the Gothic genre He is best known for the children s classic The House with a Clock in its Walls 1973 and for the pathbreaking fantasy novel The Face in the Frost 1969 Bellairs held a bachelor s degree from Notre Dame University and a master s in English from the University of Chicago He combined writing and teaching from 1963 to 1971, including a year at Shimer College that coincided with that school s storied Grotesque Internecine Struggle After 1971, he took up writing as his full time work from Shimer College Wiki

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    1. this is Number 4 in the Lewis Barnavelt series, featuring angsty, geeky youngster Lewis and his tomboy best friend Rose Rita. this is the second solo adventure for Rose; in this one, she and wizened old witch Mrs. Zimmerman are transported back to rural Pennsylvania Dutch country, 1828, and must solve various issues involving both white and black magic. this was by no means a bad experience, and as a children's adventure, it is finebut for me, i have to admit that the magic has faded a bit.John [...]

    2. I was going to review this in full but I don't have any thoughts on it really. I'm knocking it down to a 2.5 rating. I didn't think it was a bad book, just had a really hard time keeping focus on it. I will say that John Bellair didn't write this book, I didn't know that going in. He had passed away at this point and another author took his idea and finished the story. I will certainly be trying more Bellair books, this one just wasn't for me. Wish I had some intelligent reasons as to why.

    3. Ghosts, magic, demons, time travel, mystery Damn, this book has it all! I was nervous Strickland's writing would mess up the Bellairs vibe, but I didn't really notice it here. I think I'll read more Bellairs books before reading any of Strickland's originals, even though I really want to read more about Rose Rita. I like her more than Lewis now. She and Mrs. Zimmermann make a great team, even though Zimmermann seems to always find herself out of commission in her adventures with Rose.

    4. I personally think that the book, ¨The Ghost in The Mirror¨ is a interesting book.The book is about main character, Mrs. Zimmerman and her ´best friend´.This book is kind of a mystery book and a adventure book.The lady who used to take care of Mrs. Zimmerman when she was a child, has died , and she has magic powers.While Mrs. Zimmerman wants to get those powers, she tries and tries but the lady who died, only knows how to get them.So, Mrs. Zimmerman saw her in the mirror and asked her,but.e [...]

    5. I think this was actually my favorite in the Lewis Barnavelt series. Time travel, witchcraft, and the Pennsylvania Dutch - what's not to love?

    6. Depressed senior witch who has lost her magic powers, along with her teenage pal, accidentally time-travels to 19th-century Amish country. What's not to love, I ask you; What is not to love.

    7. I haven't read any other books in this series so I can't compare it to the books that were written entirely by John Bellairs when he was alive and this one, which was completed by Brad Strickland, but I enjoyed it. The characters and both the magic and the historical setting felt authentic. On page 21 it says that the last witch trial in Pennslyvania was in 1949 which seems possible but not probable. If it happened, I didn't find anything about it online. The Margaret Mattson trial that was ment [...]

    8. I returned to this series with plans to read the first or first two books. A reminder of something I loved in my childhood. But I still love them. And after book four, I plan to keep going. Yes they follow a fairly expected plot and have their expected ends, but sometimes comfort in books is everything anyone could want.

    9. i almost didn't count this one toward my goal total, because i have the sneaking suspicion that i've read it before. however, enough of it was new that i decided to call it goodmittedly not my favorite bellairs story. i hold to my opinion that mr. strickland isn't as good an author, and it shows in this one. everything is tied up neatly, yes, but i think that makes the story suffer a little. also, there are some moments where there is unnecessary explanation ("they had no idea they were being lu [...]

    10. I thought this book was good and ok. It had everything you need in a suspenseful story, but it wasn't good as in general. I recommend this book to people who like to read not as SO scary type of book but has a bit of suspense, and fiction. This book would take you back in the 1800's, which is another world for the people who ended up there, and will have to stop the evil guy and save all the good people. I would have rated it a five star, but to that, it needed lots more suspense, and I needed t [...]

    11. Between the ages of about 10 and 13, John Bellairs was just about my favorite author. He died at a young age, 46 i believe, but left notes on a number of unfinished books. His estate hired Brad Strickland to finish the books. This was one of the Strickland stories. I have to give credit, Strickland captured the feel of Bellairs other books. This one follows Mrs. Zimmerman and Rose Rita Pottinger, who were introduced in The House With a Clock in its Walls. Reading the book was an interesting mix [...]

    12. This is the fourth book in Bellairs' Lewis Barnavelt series and was completed after Bellairs' death by Brad Strickland. Strickland did a good job staying true to Bellairs' characters and put together a very engaging story.While this is a Lewis Barnavelt story, Lewis and his uncle Jonathon are bit players in this tale.Rose Rita and Mrs Zimmermann embark on a trek to restore Mrs Zimmermann's lost magical powers. They find themselves transported back in time where they must right a past wrong. Doin [...]

    13. This was a happy little ditty - not exactly deep, and there's a real repetition to the climaxes of these, but this was light years better than the execrable The Secret of the Hidden Chamber that I read earlier this year. Of course this is one of the posthumous books where Bellairs only wrote the opening draft and someone else finished it. But it left a much better taste in my mouth than the last one of his I read. I still need to find the Face in the Frost, but if this is the last Bellairs I rea [...]

    14. Not as strong as the previous "Lewis Barnavelt" books (though like "The Letter, The Witch, And The Ring," this one barely features Lewis and is more about his female best friends) — maybe because it wasn't written by Bellairs, it was completed after his death by another author, and credited to him. So it feels slightly repetitive, as though it's drawing on the past books for character detail. Still, spooky, creative, and a colorful read.

    15. This book was about a girl named RoseRita and Ms. Zimmerman. When they entered a tunnel, they found themselves stuck in the past. Besides that, RoseRita encounters another problem, Ms. Zimmerman loses her memory! Now RoseRita is really in trouble! This book is fun as you read about Ms.Zimmerman and RoseRita's journey, you even feel like your on the jouney with them! If you want to find out what happens to RoseRits and Ms. Zimmerman, you should read this book!

    16. I don't know if I would consider The Ghost in the Mirror my favorite John Bellairs book, but I enjoyed them as a youth and his writing was still enjoyable as an adult. I would recommend his books to teens who enjoy mystery. John Bellairs lacks the subtle humor of J.K. Rowling, but his books are based on witches and wizards who use magic for good and fight evil.

    17. I loved this book! This is a level U, which is slightly below my level. Although it was young for me, I thoroughly enjoyed it because of the funny characters, the action and thrill, and the intense mystery. I even found myself intensely trying to figure out the answers to the puzzles the characters face.

    18. One of the things that Brad Strickland is pretty good at, besides evoking Bellairs' style, is tying up the plot rather neatly, in a way that Bellairs was not always very good at. Ghost in the Mirror is a very well-structured story, and is a welcome chance to develop the characters of Mrs. Zimmerman and Rose Rita, while at the same time putting them in real and consistent peril.

    19. Finally, another Mrs. Zimmerman centric story. She's definitely my favorite character in this series, and I love this story about her quest to help her mentor and hopefully get her own powers back. Follows the same parallel timeline as the Vengeance of the Witchfinder.

    20. This book is a good easy read, but I feel as if it gives things away to quickly and is predictable. You are easily engaged, but you know what is going to happen or the author will tell you upfront. I hoped for a little more foreshadow instead of just telling me

    21. A very good effort by the man who took the incomplete manuscript and finished it. All of the Bellairs touches are here--claustrophobic settings, cozy ones, the supernatural, and the evil that lurks in humanity. If you like Rose Rita and Mrs. Zimmerman, this one is for you!

    22. Although I adore this series, the writing is not quite the same in the later books, since Bellairs passed away.It still has a bit of creepiness, but it's not as natural, and not as creepy. But I love the characters and the plots.

    23. Rose Rita and Mrs. Zimmerman are my favorite Bellairs characters and this mystery could be a very good Doctor Who episode with time travel an essential part of the plot.

    24. creeepy. it was cool i guess, but it probably wasn't as good as the other ones cuz the author died in the middle of writing it so yeah. don't remember much about it, except that i kinda liked it.

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