To Trust a Wolf

To Trust a Wolf Just out of a bad relationship Bryn Roydan has no trust to give where men are concerned She hadn t counted on the determined will of Logan Sutherland Resistance fading Bryn finally gives in to her d

  • Title: To Trust a Wolf
  • Author: Kate Steele
  • ISBN: 9781419953750
  • Page: 231
  • Format: Paperback
  • Just out of a bad relationship, Bryn Roydan has no trust to give where men are concerned She hadn t counted on the determined will of Logan Sutherland Resistance fading, Bryn finally gives in to her desire, only to discover that the attractive and dominant Logan is also an alpha werewolf Filled with a primal need to make her his, Logan boldly lays claim to her body, minJust out of a bad relationship, Bryn Roydan has no trust to give where men are concerned She hadn t counted on the determined will of Logan Sutherland Resistance fading, Bryn finally gives in to her desire, only to discover that the attractive and dominant Logan is also an alpha werewolf Filled with a primal need to make her his, Logan boldly lays claim to her body, mind and soul.Stunned and aroused in the face of Logan s high handed and seemingly impossible declaration, Bryn finds herself struggling to accept the reality of his dual nature and feral lust, in an effort to overcome her own past and learn to trust the wolf.

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    • [PDF] Á Free Read ✓ To Trust a Wolf : by Kate Steele ✓
      231 Kate Steele
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    About “Kate Steele”

    1. Kate Steele

      Having been an avid reader of romance for years, and being possessed of an overactive imagination, I decided to try my hand at writing I discovered that, like reading, writing romance has become addictive Whether writing paranormal, contemporary or science fiction about werewolves, otherworldly creatures or the average Joe, I found the perfect creative outlet.I enjoy life in a turn of the century house located in the midst of Indiana farm country My family keeps me company, along with dogs and other assorted pets When not writing, I read, am an enthusiastic grower of iris, and am a fanatic fan of Japanese manga and anime.

    493 thoughts on “To Trust a Wolf”

    1. Bryn Royden had a very bad marriage. She and her best friend Claire own a local bookstore, and she has devoted herself to work. Her self-esteen has taken quite a beating by her ex- husband so she is surprised and half afraid of the attention given to her by dominant and VERY attractive Logan Sutherland. Logan knew Bryn was his mate the first time her saw (smelled) her. An Alpha in his pack, he has the role of the mediator, and keeps peace between rival packs. He is strong, thoughtful, loving, st [...]

    2. Bryn Roydan has sworn off men, after a failed marriage and a series of bad dates, she has decided it is safer to just forget men all together. Logan Sutherland is ready to claim his mate, he has been patient understanding her fear of bieng hurt again, but as an Alpha Wolf there is no deeper commitment than claiming your mate. Now he just has to entice Bryn into taking a chance on him.Great story, perfect book for the beginning of a series.

    3. I bought this at a library book sale though I had never read this author before. I loved this story - kind of a kinder, gentler werewolf tail - I mean TALE! A sweet love/mate story, Steele's take on werewolf lore, an irrestible, HOT hero, and a nice enough heroine with a little backbone made for a very easy, enjoyable read. I'll be looking for more by this author. Warning: this is an Ellora's Cave publication, so there are graphic scenes and language present.

    4. I applaud Logan for not jumping Bryn's bones the first date even though a certain body part wasn't happy, "his co** was not a happy camper, taking on a life of it's own, twitching with agitation at being roused only to be denied the prize." Logan he can make a woman melt with his words, "there's nothing obscene about it, Bryn. The truly obscene thing would be to deny your needs, to deny your pleasure. I can be there in fifteen minutes, baby," he cajoled. "There's nothing I want more than to see [...]

    5. To Trust a Wolf appears to be a promising start for a new author.  The plot and characters are cliche, but show an extension on the normal lines with a bit different structure than the typical werewolf pack.  The narrative is grating.  Instead of having the characters experience their surroundings in a way that brings in the reader, Ms Steele's book abruptly stops for adjective infused descriptions of each new setting.  If Ms Steele were a high school girlfriend sharing her first novel betwe [...]

    6. I really liked the first half of the book. The writing was surprisingly good and I loved the way the hero was developing. Then the story kind of lost focus. There didn't seem to be a strong plot. It was more along the lines of here's what happened when Bryn fell in love with a werewolf. Then we switch POV and there was a bit about Lillian a bitchy werewolf getting subdued by her man and then we'll throw in a bit in the POV of Bryn's sister Haley as she wanders in the woods and comes to the atten [...]

    7. Just out of a bad relationship, Bryn Roydan has no trust to give where men are concerned. She hadn't counted on the determined will of Logan Sutherland. Resistance fading, Bryn finally gives in to her desire, only to discover that the attractive and dominant Logan is also an alpha werewolf. Filled with a primal need to make her his, Logan boldly lays claim to her-body, mind and soul.Stunned and aroused in the face of Logan's high-handed and seemingly impossible declaration, Bryn finds herself st [...]

    8. Bryn Roydan is swearing off men after an ugly divorce that broke her heart. Now she has a hard time trusting anyone, until Logan Sutherland, an alpha werewolf, decides to make her his. He knew from the first moment he met her that she would be his mate. He just hasn't told Bryn yet.I liked this book although I think it could have been drawn out a little longer. I understand Logan's instant love for Bryn--he's a werewolf and wolves mate for life, so I can understand that he loved her after first [...]

    9. Probably more of a 2 1/2 but I'm not feeling generous enough to round up. This was just kinda "meh". Yeah, it's got the steamy steamy, but it seems that the only plot was for them to mate which just isn't that interesting. There was almost a catfight between the main girlie and a gilted lover, but even that was a bit anti-climactic. Combine that with some weird word choices, over-used words, and 25 cent vocab and, yeah, no thanks. Can't really recommend, there's much better stuff out there, alth [...]

    10. Good read. Action and relationship driven plot about a werewolf falling for a human. She gets over the whole werewolf thing pretty quickly but has a lot of trouble moving beyond her past to accept that when he says forever, he really means it! It had a neat solution on 'What do you do when you're an alpha but you don't want to run the pack?'There is a sequel, currently only available as an ebook from Ellora's Cave.To Trust a Wolf: Paperback & ebookTo Tempt a Wolf: ebook from Ellora's Cave

    11. I guess I was expecting more from this book. It was a bit fantastical meaning a bit more on the fantasy side. I just felt like the dialogue wasn't authentic, it felt unnatural and sometimes forced. I felt that Bryn got over her misgivings a bit too easily, and once she found out about Logan being a werewolf she accepted that a bit too easily for my taste. Overall though the story was cute, but there wasn't a lot of conflict or much to talk about.

    12. If you can suspend belief then you'll be able to enjoy this book. It's just too far-fetched to believe that someone can accept the changes that occur in their life SO quickly and instantaneously fall in love once she is confronted with her mate's shape-shifting ways like THAT made it okay for her to love him. And don't get me started on the dialog - very syrupy sweet and juvenile. Heroine just came off as very immature and emotional.

    13. I really liked the characters. Each one had their own charm. I didn't like how quickly the story line escalated. Don't get me wrong I loved the steamy passionate chemistry but I feel that towards the end it all revolved around the sex. The other chunks of the story felt like fillers. It was good for a short easy read.

    14. 1.5 StarsTo Trust a Wolf is a simple girl-meets-alpha/werewolf-takes-a-mate story (which I usually enjoy), but the dialogue is so sophomoric that it is difficult to feel anything for the characters. The very explicit sex scenes were more gratuitous than erotic. This is both the first and last book for me to read in this series!

    15. SPOILER !Good book but the werewolf hero take not enought time to convince the heroin. She has been betrayed and "harm" by her ex-husband, but she goes to quickly into the arms of the hero. She doesn't fight enough.And more I don't really like the last scene of sex, when the guy want to sodomize her.Maybe because i don't like that too much in books ^^

    16. Liked: Great characters. Alpha male Logan who is kind, loving, and totally knows how to please and take care of Bryn. And strong, independent Bryn who knows how to let Logan take care of her. Funny. TouchingDidn't Like: Too short. Plot and characters could have been developed more. Felt rushed.Bottomline: Liked it enough to read book 2 about Bryn's sister and Logan's best friend.

    17. This was a great read. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Brynn and Logan were wonderful protagonists who had great chemistry. The story was steamy but not over the top. I enjoy how Steele engaged a bit of conflict that has a positive conclusion to Lillian finding her mate in Reece.

    18. The story of Bryn and Logan was a fun one strong alpha characters and a woman who will stand up for herself when needed! The writhing was well done with a good story line and small conflict. I liked it well enough to hunt down the 2nd book in this series!!

    19. I love shifter books and this one was ok. I guess it fell short because of too many adjectives :)) The plot is good, but there was a switch at a point with a second love story that didn't feel right. The writing is too flowery but the story is decent. I will be reading the next one.

    20. This one was barely ok. The writing was weak, the book ends at an odd point and the love at first sight was to convenient.

    21. I thought this book was so much fun. A really enjoyable read. Logan was so sweet and so alpha at the same time. Really looking forward to the second one!

    22. The writing seemed awkward to me. The book felt like an early work in an authors career. I would try a later work by this author.

    23. Good series. I read it out out of order but that didn't matter. I love a good shifter story and would definately read more of this.

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