Kent State:What Happened and Why

Kent State What Happened and Why All of James A Michener s storytelling and reportorial skills are brought to the fore in this stunning and heartbreaking examination of the events that led to the shootings at Kent State which s

  • Title: Kent State:What Happened and Why
  • Author: James A. Michener
  • ISBN: 9780449202739
  • Page: 472
  • Format: Paperback
  • All of James A Michener s storytelling and reportorial skills are brought to the fore in this stunning and heartbreaking examination of the events that led to the 1970 shootings at Kent State, which shook the country to the roots and had a profound impact on the anti war movement.

    Kent State What Happened and Why by James A Michener The afternoon of May , I sat in Dr Rice s history class at the Mansfield branch of Ohio State He came into class and announced four students had been killed at Kent State A fellow student, Micheal Goldstien stood up and said, Who thought the revolution would start at Kent State Kent State was only seventy miles from Mansfield. Kent State What Happened and Why James A Michener Kent State What Happened and Why James A Michener on FREE shipping on qualifying offers All of James A Michener s storytelling and reportorial skills are brought to the fore in this stunning and heartbreaking examination of the events that led to the shootings at Kent State What really happened at Kent State HowStuffWorks Kent State University in Kent, Ohio, was one such campus where tense protests were held The campus was a relatively unlikely setting for the dramatic events that unfolded over the span of four days leading up to the tragedy Compared to nearby Ohio State University, the Kent State PDF Kent State What Happened and Why hemi Kent State What Happened And Why Rosie Alyea If searching for a ebook Kent State What Happened and Why by Rosie Alyea in pdf form, in that case you come on to loyal site. KENT STATE by James A Michener Kirkus Reviews Michener and staff have produced a collage, now appearing in the Reader s Digest, of graphic second hand accounts, reconstructions of student life and town sentiment, interpretations and misinterpretations of the Kent State events of May . Full Download Kent State What Happened And Why Searching for Kent State What Happened And Why Ebook Download Do you really need this file of Kent State What Happened And Why Ebook Download It takes me hours just to get the right download link, and another hours to validate it. What really happened at Kent State Stuff You Missed in After the Kent State shootings, colleges across the country closed However, decades later, researchers still aren t sure what actually happened at Kent State What really happened at Kent State May , TOPICS IN THIS PODCAST Protests tragedies vietnam war U.S history massacres American history th century RECENT PODCASTS. Kent State Shooting HISTORY May , Four Kent State University students were killed and nine were injured on May , , when members of the Ohio National Guard opened fire on

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      James Albert Michener is best known for his sweeping multi generation historical fiction sagas, usually focusing on and titled after a particular geographical region His first novel, Tales of the South Pacific, which inspired the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical South Pacific, won the 1948 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction.Toward the end of his life, he created the Journey Prize, awarded annually for the year s best short story published by an emerging Canadian writer founded an MFA program now, named the Michener Center for Writers, at the University of Texas at Austin and made substantial contributions to the James A Michener Art Museum in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, best known for its permanent collection of Pennsylvania Impressionist paintings and a room containing Michener s own typewriter, books, and various memorabilia.Michener s entry in Who s Who in America says he was born on Feb 3, 1907 But he said in his 1992 memoirs that the circumstances of his birth remained cloudy and he did not know just when he was born or who his parents were.

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    1. Mother had me read the beginning of Michener's Hawaii when I was a kid, but I never finished the thing, just appreciated the set-up and later saw the movie version. So far as I can recall, that's all the Michener I'd ever read until I came upon this book about the National Guard murders of students at Kent State University on 5/4/70. This, and the similar murders of students at Jackson State on 5/14, constituted part of the outcome of national protests against the United States of America's ille [...]

    2. May 4, June 4, Spot the DifferenceWhenever you are reminded of the Tiananmen Square Massacre on June 4, please take a moment to remember the Kent State Shootings on May 4, 1970:enpedia/wiki/Kent_Staspeccollbrarynt/4mayDon Drumm Sculpture - Kent State University - Kent, OHIf You Stand Behind a Horse, Don't Be Surprised If It Kicks YouAll States, when threatened, behave like a horse:youtube/watch?v=RGfFFWith Thanks to Our Friends at Hey LiberalsHey liberals, this is [America/China/Russia/the State [...]

    3. I haven't read the other major works on this topic (the early accounts by Joe Eszterhas and Peter Davies, and William Gordon's more recent study) for comparison, but this is one heck of a gripping story. A true "page turner", in fact. Michener downplays the immediate cause of the demonstrations at Kent State -- the invasion of Cambodia -- and explores the deeper social and cultural factors that led to the May 4 shootings. The eyewitness testimonies that appear in the text are sometimes contradic [...]

    4. I read this book at least 40 years ago. As a teenager in the sixties I was shaped by events of the world. This book helped me to understand there is always more to a story. I loved it.

    5. The afternoon of May 4,1970 I sat in Dr. Rice's history class at the Mansfield branch of Ohio State. He came into class and announced four students had been killed at Kent State. A fellow student, Micheal Goldstien stood up and said, "Who thought the revolution would start at Kent State." Kent State was only seventy miles from Mansfield. That weekend I traveled with four other students to Washington to protest the killing and Nixon's invasion of Cambodia. The reaction to the invasion started pro [...]

    6. While perusing the list of books James Michener has written in search of a good book to read, I saw that he had written this book in the immediate aftermath of the Kent State tragedy back in 1970. I was a freshman at FSU when Kent State happened, and I was still figuring out who I was as much as what I thought about world events. Although I vividly remember the shockwaves from Kent State, I realized that I don't know much about the details, so here was my chance.First off, those people back in 1 [...]

    7. Since this book first came out, it has informed my understanding of what happened in the days leading up to that beautiful spring day on that normally quiet college campus, soon to become my own campus. Yeah, I knew people who were there. My first college roommate. My boyfriend's roommate. My cousin. Nothing any of them told me about those days contradicted Michener's book in any major way. It was heartbreaking then, and it's heartbreaking now, and the immediacy of Michener's book captures that [...]

    8. This was a must read for an alum of KSU. I think Michener did his homework though I'm not sure I'm in agreement with the lines he drew from A to B to C. I think there is both more and less to the events than that.

    9. This book starts off sounding like the Party line, but when Mitchener digs deeper he discovers that Kent was like so many "black flag" operations"they shoot students don't they?"

    10. Really amazing thrift store find in Florida. Went to Kent State and really liked how this book gave a lot of detail of what happened that day.

    11. This book put me right there, right in the middle of the conflict. And not just on one side: on both sides. Very profound experience.

    12. I attended Kent State University from 1992-2002, and when I saw this book at a library book sale, I was interested in reading this, especially since it was by James A. Michener, an author I knew of but never read.This book was very well written and detailed, without being filled with personal opinions of the writer. This book was originally released in 1971, and filled with great facts and reports, from newspaper and television reports, to students and faculty members, to officials in the city. [...]

    13. I'm more used to Michener's epic works of fiction, carefully researched, evocative, telling the story.Here he does the same for a pivotal event in modern American history. Setting down the facts through the stories of those who participated, including the comments afterwards.What a fascinating read! What a great divide in lifestyles! The old and new worlds collide in Ohio, and afterwards, decent American citizens say that the National Guard should have shot the lot of them.As it turned out, some [...]

    14. This is an extensive book that goes into extreme detail of all of the events at Kent State University in Ohio in May 1970. It took me back to that era of the Vietnam War and life on college campuses at the time. I'm not sure I could've made it through the book if I would've been reading it in paper because it was so long but I listen to it on audible and in spite of a few lulls I found the book captivating for the most part. The book was published in 1971 and was the product of a crew of reporte [...]

    15. In this book, James Michener takes on the task of investigating the Kent State shooting. He does a fairly good job with the facts but what fascinated me was the glimpse back to the way things were in the late 60s and early 70.Michener is supremely paternalistic in his rendition of the events. A couple of times he made me smile. Other times, I rolled my eyes. He calls women in their 20s "girls". He had a habit of saying things like "Unexpectedly attractive" when describing various women in the bo [...]

    16. Most of the opinions espoused herein might have been revolutionary--perhaps even incendiary at the time, but forty-four years on, they read as the staid, hand-wringing moralizing of a fusty old man looking with alarm on the seismic cultural shifts that wracked the U.S. in the 1970s.Laments about the horrors of cursing coeds, outlandish clothing, and premarital sex aside, the book strives to present a balanced view of what happened that spring afternoon, and though it does not always succeed, it [...]

    17. Having lived in Ohio at the time, and having known people who were there on the day of the shootings, I had a real interest in the events and how it all played out. But Michener does not make it easy. I guess he was out of his element here - reporting as a journalist rather than writing one of his novels - but I felt it was stilted, full of descriptive prose when he needed to cut to the chase and he just didn't have the interviewing skills needed for a book of this type.I did learn a lot but in [...]

    18. I read this book several times. I was enamored with this tragic event in my adolescence. I am rather certain that the interest stemmed directly from Neil Young's song. I wrote a history paper for Miss Tong based on this event using this as my main support. I recall struggling writing this. Miss Tong did loan me 4 Way Street where I fell in love with Don't Let It Bring You Down. The introduction to that song on that album is classic!This remains the only Michener book I have ever read.

    19. I was 10 years old when the National Guard killed four young people at an anti-war demonstration on a college campus. It galvanized the nation. The generation gap was never a mythological thing, it was real. And the gap was never more pronounced or more visible than it was after these killings. Reading this will bring back some chilling memories for those old enough to remember it. Michener is at his finest as both a historian and a journalist in telling the tale of this watershed event.

    20. Utterly off the track of Michener's usual writing, this work is the clearest perusal of the nadir of a politically charged time. Most investigative reports on the Kent State shootings were written as if the writers had their own axes to grind. Michener set out to learn what had happened and how, and then he published it for us to learn as well. The 1968 Democratic National Convention was the death knell for the Sixties, the Kent State shootings drove a stake through its heart.

    21. I was almost ten years old. This was my wake up to what was going on in the world. So when I realized that it happened forty-six anniversary of the shooting. I wanted to know what the hell really happened.This book filled a lot of things I didn't know. It also pissed me after the four who died, that were faulted for so much and none was true.

    22. A haunting account of the Kent State tragedy researched thoroughly and recounted through the discerning eye of James Michener. While we would like to forget about this shameful state of our country in 1970, it is a good reminder and a thoughtful commentary on what happens when the forces of extremism from both sides takes hold of otherwise good people.

    23. This was a hard book to read at the time since it was about the truth. Michener's story's were about history but not so real as Kent State and so present day when it came out. But it had to be written and he did it well.

    24. I first read this book back in the mid seventies and I remember being shocked at President Nixon's calling the slain students "bums". After forty years, I'm still shocked at Nixon's comment and the response of middle American moms stating that the students deserved to be shot.

    25. Tin soldiers and Nixon coming. Living in Ohio then and remember it like it was yesterday. Read the book ages ago, but I think it bears reading in the current political climate. This could so easily happen again.

    26. Details on what happened are good. But the commentary about the impact on society didn't hold up well. While hindsight is 20/20, making sweeping, general predictions within months of the event was a bit presumptuous.

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