The Grimmest of Grimm

The Grimmest of Grimm The stories collected by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm in the early th century reflected life as known to the German people of the time fantastic yet often unpredictable and pernicious Patriotic folklori

  • Title: The Grimmest of Grimm
  • Author: Jacob Grimm
  • ISBN: 9780973709001
  • Page: 344
  • Format: Paperback
  • The stories collected by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm in the early 19th century reflected life as known to the German people of the time fantastic, yet often unpredictable and pernicious Patriotic folklorists, they began their collection of tales with the intent of preserving the endangered German oral tradition from a Napoleonic rule intent on suppressing local culture FroThe stories collected by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm in the early 19th century reflected life as known to the German people of the time fantastic, yet often unpredictable and pernicious Patriotic folklorists, they began their collection of tales with the intent of preserving the endangered German oral tradition from a Napoleonic rule intent on suppressing local culture From their earliest release and translation, conservative parents and ecclesiastics disparaged the tales for their vestigial, raw, Gothic content and the brothers and a myriad of editors began to soften them to demure morality and sweetness to make appeal to the upper classes what began as earthy peasant fare This is no such revision, sanitized of objectionable material these are the grimmest Cannibalism, child abuse, dismemberment, slaughter of innocents, the walking dead deals with the devil are all prevalent in these lesser known works of the brothers Grimm, here lushly illustrated for the sick little monkey that is your inner child Featuring 94 illustrations by Terry Beal, Benchacco, Jon Ferril, Luc Hebert, Kelly Levy, Kathryn McLaughlin, Karen Petroff, Katy Rose Cyrus Rua.

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    1. Jacob Grimm

      Jacob Ludwig Karl Grimm, German philologist, jurist and mythologist, was born at Hanau, in Hesse Kassel or Hesse Cassel He is best known as the discoverer of Grimm s Law, the author of the monumental German Dictionary, his Deutsche Mythologie and popularly, with his brother Wilhelm, as one of the Brothers Grimm, as the editor of Grimm s Fairy Tales From.

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    1. I remember buying this book at the library sale a year or so ago, and for some reason, I thought it was a midgrade adaptation. I don't know why. I just think things sometimes, okay? I generally don't read descriptions so it's my own fault, but sometimes it's kind of amusing the shit I come up with in their place. So Now I've read this little book, and Yeah. Probably not for little kids. That being said, I don't know if pre-teens or teens would be all that bothered by this book these days. We're [...]

    2. So basically Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm had some serious psychological problems. THIS BOOK IS DISTURBING. Well,duh is called GRIMM'S GRIMMEST. But the sheer macabre imagination. Woah, dudes. Woah. The book is a collection of the worst Grimm fairy tales. Some are crazier than others. I didn't like most of the animal ones. Like one bloke has a kid born as a hedgehog (for no particular reasonme people are just unlucky). Here are a few of the notable ones: - The Mother-in-Law: Basically she decided to [...]

    3. This volume collects a number of fairy tales recorded by the brothers Grimm, translated and illustrated to preserve all of the macabre aspects. Murder and mutilation to incest and cannibalism, there is a little bit of everything grotesque in these stories, which range from well-known tales such as Cinderella to lesser known stories such as Hans My Hedgehog. Tatar's short introduction makes up the sole elaboration and explanation of the texts--there is little commentary, little history, and littl [...]

    4. I purchased this book to get an understanding of where some of our fairy tales came from and the lessons and morals that were told long before my time. The Grimm’s Grimmest is an exact translation of the original short stories published in German. They are gruesome and living in the world we live in today I cannot imagine how these stories did not give little children nightmares. Were they really written for adolescent adults filled with such idiosyncrasies? Or were they, as you will understan [...]

    5. The Brothers Grimm are way beyond good and evil. They satisfy in the way the best poetry does, and the images swirl up and dance with the amoral force and beauty of tornados on the open plains. About as fanciful (and as full of metamorphoses) as Ovid. This edition compiles the darker stories, the ones often Bowdlerized for children's books. Here they are presented as they were originally written and published. The introductory essay is brief, but presents a lot of interesting facts about the dif [...]

    6. Some of these excerpts from Grimm's fairy tales are stories familiar to English-speaking readers, though with all the crude and violent parts left in: Cinderella (Aschenputtel), Rapunzel, The Goose Girl, etc. There are also less-familiar fairy tales and other sorts of tales too. It's all good stuff! One or two stories read less smoothly than the rest, but most of them were fun and dramatic.I noticed that they fell into a few categories with regard to their structure and their themes. Overwhelmin [...]

    7. The brothers Grimm collected and published over two hundred fairy tales. Grimm's Grimmest has nineteen of the most bloody of them with gory illustrations by Tracy Arah Dockray.My two favorites were "Hans my Hedgehog" and "Rapunzel". "Hans My Hedgehog" has made me rethink Sonic the Hedgehog. The illustration on page 39 really looks like him except with less sexy shoes."Rapunzel" caught my attention because the first two pages are recreated so closely and so well at the start of Rapunzel's Revenge [...]

    8. The seemingly illogical sense of these tales is the real star. I say "seemingly", as it becomes more and more clear when reading (keeping in mind that they were rescued for posterity by the Grimm's from the vicissitudes of oral tradition) that they are documents which could only have sprung from a specific time and culture--they are often a response to religion (though interestingly this subject is seldom evoked in a directly Christian manner) and always to cruelty. They are dream-like, some of [...]

    9. this is a rollicking romp through the worlds of the Grimm fairy tales. this collection features only those tales that support noble family values, such as murder, incest, cannibalism, mutilation, torture, and teenage pregnancy. in other words, it features the original non-sanitized versions of the tales in all their gory glory. along with pious maids waiting for their due, there are some wickedly feisty heroines who solve their problems themselves - often with gruesome outcomes for their adversa [...]

    10. So.This is a small collection of some of the Grimm Brothers' more bloody and vile tales. Some of them are a bit hard to read and it's definitely hard to see the value in such tales.The introduction was somewhat interesting, containing thoughts on the fine line these tales walked between adult entertainment and children's tales.Since these tales have been told over and again, I expected the illustrations to hold some good merit, but they were as crude in one sense of the word and some of the acti [...]

    11. If there is one thing I love in my stories, its darkness. screw the happy, cheerful tales that give you a feeling of hope anf joy. I want tales about murder, canibalism, and giving birth to a hedgehog. Yeah, you heard right, a hedgehog. This book has a lot of that which makes it a great read (at least for me). The colored picture were good and the black and white pictures were ehhh. Overall i liked it.

    12. This book is bizarre, but a good read! I was shocked at the stories, which include murder, incest, and cannibalism, not at all what you'd expect from the Grimm brothers! Still, it was extremely interesting to read the original stories. I had no idea that what I read as a child were not the authenic tales.

    13. Funny, but my mother told me all the gory bits when she told me these stories as a child. I was expecting something even darker, but it's a great read.

    14. (As a side note since had grouped this book with some truly wonderful representations of the Grimm tales, this review is for "The Grimmest of Grimm" (Paperback) with a multitude of illustratorst "Grimm's Grimmest.")The rubbish of rubbish is more like it.This book has a very small collection of Grimm tales in it. It has some of the more common tales with a few not so common tales thrown in. Sure, the tales are the original dark and sinister tales originally passed down through generations to tea [...]

    15. I got complicated feelings toward this book. It is absurd (of course), yet it is amusing in its own way. If you wish to read some cute fairy tales with happily-ever-after endings, stay away from this book. I mean it seriously. It is not even safe for kids xDBut still, reading normal fairy tales nowadays will be boring, right? xDWhen I say that this book is not safe for kids, it is because there are so many bloody scenes within the stories in the book. At first, you will "Iukh, so bloody" and pro [...]

    16. Not comprehensive collection but a great intro that gives a very comprehensive background of Grimm and how they're stories morphed. It's more than just Disney at work here. The Grimm brothers themselves started censoring themselves within the 2nd edition! If you want to all the original stories, go grab the original first edition. I found this book a great taste of a variety of imaginative and colorful tales. Nicely illustrated for further attention grabbing and visualization. Given the sparse l [...]

    17. This is an exceptional collection of some of the darker tales of the Grimm brothers paired with beautiful and haunting illustrations by Tracy Arah Dockray. While I have always enjoyed the classic Grimm fairy tales and recommend them on their own merit, for me the illustrations really make this book. Some are almost oil painting in style with vivid colors, others are similar to wood cuts, but all are gorgeous. The tales themselves are some of the best in the unedited versions, depicting the more [...]

    18. This was given to me and I have read it over and over. The dark tales are told fluidly without losing any of it's dark side. I like these better than some of the original material. The stories are the same but the way they are told are a bit more smooth and modern. This is the book that got me really hooked on dark fairy tale and other horror. I love that fairy tales were meant for adults. These stories don't hold back and they shouldn't.The only think I dislike is a nasty typo/ missed edit that [...]

    19. Kenny and I read a few of these Grimm tales at bedtime, and then realized that they were the stuff of nightmares, even for grownups. This took me back to my childhood years in Germany. I got the distinct impression that childhood is not all sugar and spice when we used to visit the Medieval Torture Museum in Rothenberg and we saw the little jailcells and sawhorses kids would sit on with weights on their ankles for misdeeds. These tales include cannibalism and horrible punishment for heinous crim [...]

    20. These rather gruesome tales are based on the third edition of Kinder und Hausmarchen (Nursery and Household Tales) by Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm published in 1822. You can still see the glimmer of the Disney-like fairy tales we grew up with, but much much darker. According to the author, the brothers Grimm meant to write down and save the old German folk tales which were passed on from generation to generation before they were gone forever. And life is not actually picture-perfect. It is often brut [...]

    21. These stories are twisted and wonderful. Fairy-tales at their darkest, creepiest best.The edition, however, isn't much to write home about- though I realize it's serving really only one purpose: put all the creepiest stories together. I prefer Tater's Norton edition of Fairy Tales, which is, of course, FAR more complete/thorough. This edition is fine, and if you want all the naughtiest of fairy tales (all of which are, arguably, deeply disturbing in their own right), this is a nice-looking editi [...]

    22. For grades 6 and up, ages 11 and upReview:Not the Grimm's fairytales that you may know, but they are closer to the original stories. Murder, gruesome punishments, and violent revenge are the foundation of these 19 familiar stories. Great for those kids who think that fairytales are all sparkles and fairy dust. These are the stores that the Grimm Brothers wrote down from the scared storytellers in those villages that sat near the edge of the dark forest. May not be really good for bedtime, but st [...]

    23. Rapunzel, Aschenputtel (Cinderella) and other stories we heard from our childhood originated from the Grimm's brothers tales. These stories however are not the sweet happy tales that Disney makes them out to be but rather tales of darkness and horror. This book is a collection of some of Brothers Grimm original tales in all their darkness. Wonderful book that was clearly for children of a different time.

    24. I had a lot of fun reading this book. I've always read the general happily-ever-after fairy-tales (Disney), but never actually read them the way they originally were. Some of the stories are hilarious, others are gruesome and senseless, while the rest leave you wondering. I would read it, again, for sure.

    25. There’s a part of me that still somehow expects life to be like a fairy tale. Even though there’s all the sucky unfairness of everything, somehow there’s got to be a happy ending. The good people get rewarded, the bad guys get their just desserts, and everyone lives happily ever after. Grimm’s Grimmest contains some of the darkest of Grimms’ fairy tales, and is a satisfying read.

    26. Violent deaths, chopping off heads, unfaithful wives, and abusive step-mothers. A collection of horror stories is what I would call this. And I'm only halfway through the book. I have to say that a few of the stories don't "flow" well, you could say they are not well written. If the brothers Grimm were around today, they would be in need of a serious editor.

    27. I have already read all of the Grimm fairytales several times. The selection of "grim" stories in this collection is really enjoyable for three and a half stars. The illustrations are absolutely gorgeous for the other star and a half. Definitely geared more towards adults. For the kids, you might want to stick more with Hans Christian Andersen -esq tales.

    28. It's interesting to see the un-sanitized versions of these stories, but some of them - well, the violence, etc. isn't the only reason they're not popular. They're just not good stories. XD Good for reference purposes, but not particularly excellent stories. The original Rapunzel and Cinderella are in here though.

    29. I've never read or even been told the complete versions of the more known fairytales by the Brothers Grimm but I have to say this book is definitely different from what my visions of fairytales are. If you enjoy gruesome twist it's a book to read.

    30. Easy, quick read. It had a few tales in it that I've never, somehow, come across. Aimed to highlight the "darker" and more vicious fairy tales in their original formats before they were edited to be more child friendly.

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