I Was Murdered Last Night

I Was Murdered Last Night Murder mystery meets the paranormal Anita s vacation in New York City ends tragically when she s killed in Central Park but instead of the end it s only the beginning Her soul remains at the death s

  • Title: I Was Murdered Last Night
  • Author: A.J. Gallant
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 119
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Murder mystery meets the paranormal Anita s vacation in New York City ends tragically when she s killed in Central Park, but instead of the end, it s only the beginning Her soul remains at the death scene trying hard to process what happened And there are other ghosts here that don t seem to be much help And, of course, the new reality of being a ghost does not sit welMurder mystery meets the paranormal Anita s vacation in New York City ends tragically when she s killed in Central Park, but instead of the end, it s only the beginning Her soul remains at the death scene trying hard to process what happened And there are other ghosts here that don t seem to be much help And, of course, the new reality of being a ghost does not sit well with Anita What is she supposed to do now Why can t she go into the light She appears connected to Detective Olivia Brown, the detective assigned to solve her murder Is she supposed to help her or is something else going on Will the crime go unsolved Does it even matter now that she s dead Or can Detective Olivia Brown get to the bottom of what happened that night in the park And can there be romance on the other side

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      I WAS MURDERED LAST NIGHT is now available An excerpt from I WAS MURDERED LAST NIGHT murdered night Anita s death while on vacation in New York City is no accident, but instead of the end, Anita discovers that it s only the beginning Now on the other side, she appears to be connected somehow to Detective Olive Brown, the detective assigned to her murder And to her killer as well Detective Olivia Brown wonders if the ghost is genuine or if she s losing her mind Is Anita actually supposed to help solve her murder or is something else going on Can there be romance after death A murder mystery like no other At three hours after midnight, all was quiet in the hotel room, Olivia was in REM sleep and dreaming Her eyes were darting around under her lids Olivia was making her way through the thick forest, and snow was falling, and it crunched under her feet The woods looked stark, black and white though the precipitation made it pretty enough She wasn t on any path, and it was rough going, the terrain was uneven, and the detective was also on an incline The further she went, the difficult the trek She looked down at her feet the snow was quite a bit deeper now, and she was suddenly wearing old wooden snowshoes Tweet, tweet, tweedily tweet A red cardinal flew past her and landed in a birch tree, a beautiful spot of color with the white environment that surrounded her It jumped several times, knocking snow from the branch to the ground Olivia had a sense that the bird wanted her to pursue it, and so she did though the going was slow as the incline got steeper What s this A splotch of blood in the snow, but no way to tell if it originated from an animal or human Olivia perceived a faint sound and it was necessary to listen intently The Cardinal remained silent as if allowing her to hear whatever it was She bent closer to the base of the tree near the blood where she observed a watch strap and part of the face of the watch, and when Olivia pulled it out, she could see that there was blood on it So it was human blood A thin hand appeared from beneath the snow and grabbed her wrist, shaking free of it and then stood up The bird tweeted again, wanting her to follow it and so she did The slope now almost impossible to climb, but now Olivia could see the top and so kept going As she struggled to move forward, she was able to smell burning wood, the moderate wind blowing it in her direction Please have a look at my site albertttt.wix fantasy books

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    1. What A Fun Read!I Was Murdered Last Night, by A. J. Gallant, is a mystery mixed with the paranormal. Anita, a young woman, is murdered in New York City for no apparent reason. Her soul remains at the crime scene full of questions as to what's next. Other deceased souls lingering in the area direct Anita to the white light where she can get into Heaven. A loving person, with no enemies, she is quite surprised when Heaven won't let her in. Enter Detective Olivia Brown and an array of interesting c [...]

    2. The Big Apple, filled with tourist attractions, skyscrapers and the attraction of Central Park, an oasis in the middle of the glass and concrete. For Anita, Central Park was the last thing she ever saw, alive, that is. Like the gridlock of New York traffic, Anita’s soul remained, stalled at the crime scene, a witness to the crime scene events. Shouldn’t she have gone into the light? Why is she being held in a sort of holding pen for souls who have not moved on? Perhaps she has unfinished bus [...]

    3. 3.5 to 4 starsThis is a new author for me. So I always want to be honest in my reviews. I really liked this story line about a young woman that solves her own murder. That is such an interesting thought that you could run in so many directions with in that story line alone. Sometimes I had to back track because I was not sure which character was talking. But with that being said I caught my self laughing a lot because the banter between the real world and spirit world was comical. Now to that wh [...]

    4. FunFun and exciting to the end. Very easy read. Hopefully heaven and the after life will be somewhat like this story.

    5. Powerfully intriguing! I've never read a story quite like this one! We journey through a form of the afterlife with Anita, a young beautiful woman who was ruthlessly murdered by assassins in a park at night. For some reason only known by higher powers, she is denied access to enter the light of heaven and is the wielder of special abilities that are extremely rare for a "ghost". She latched onto Detective Olivia Brown, who just happens to have psychic powers running in her family and must accept [...]

    6. Ghosts, Hit Men, and Detective Olivia BrownAnita William is stabbed in the heart, the victim of a hit. Det. Olivia Brown, from a family of mediums, gets the case. Anita guides Olivia to the hit men and is able to change the course of future events. The story is told mostly from Anita's point of view and is not your typical "spooky" ghost story. One question not answered is why a hit was put on Anita, but still a good read.

    7. HeavenGood premise and a different kind of storyline. I love the idea of heaven. me a good feeling to think of it.Anita & Olivia make a good team. Both characters are nicely defined . The author leaves us with several ways she can take this story. Will be interesting to see what she chooses😊

    8. Cute, fast-paced, and never boring, I enjoyed reading this in spite of the occasional casual, subtle racism and misogyny in the descriptors of the characters. Almost put the book down when the author described a character's breasts for no reason at all, completely irrelevant to the story. The character was also never mentioned again. Small role.Also, the ebook badly needs another proofread. I feel like I bought the uncorrected ARC. Random punctuation that doesn't belong, a character called by th [...]

    9. This was a ridiculous book. The idea with the ghost working with the detective was good, but the execution not. The story felt unfinished and rather farfetched, the author produces and vanishes persons from and into thin air as he needs them, and the MC is unpleasant and egocentric. She raves on how everybody will miss her since she's dead, and will need years of recovering, including her fiancé - but she feels nothing like that, she has a new boyfriend a couple of days after her death and her [...]

    10. Great story line but really bad editing!The story line is great. That's why I continued to read this book amid some exceptionally poor editing. I really would have liked to give it four or five stars, but errors such as using the word "exercise" in place of the correct word (which was "exorcise") made it impossible. Also, many misplaced comas made it hard to follow. And finally, it is never disclosed who ordered the death of the main character or why. Please have a good editor go through this bo [...]

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