Secret Keeper: The Delicate Power of Modesty

Secret Keeper The Delicate Power of Modesty EVERY WOMAN IS BORN WITH POWER We live in the age of low rise jeans belly button rings and backless shirts Many girls and young women today could not even define the word modesty let alone tell you

  • Title: Secret Keeper: The Delicate Power of Modesty
  • Author: Dannah Gresh
  • ISBN: 9780802439727
  • Page: 290
  • Format: Paperback
  • EVERY WOMAN IS BORN WITH POWER We live in the age of low rise jeans, belly button rings, and backless shirts Many girls and young women today could not even define the word modesty, let alone tell you how to live it out Teen girls often ask Why can t I wear what everyone else is wearing My parents are hung up on their old sense of fashion Times have changed, whyEVERY WOMAN IS BORN WITH POWER We live in the age of low rise jeans, belly button rings, and backless shirts Many girls and young women today could not even define the word modesty, let alone tell you how to live it out Teen girls often ask Why can t I wear what everyone else is wearing My parents are hung up on their old sense of fashion Times have changed, why can t I Isn t is really the guy s problem if he is tempted In a fresh and trusted voice, Dannah Gresh has a new message for them modesty itself is a delicate yet formidable power In Secret Keeper, she teaches that modesty not only issues a challenge for one man to romantically earn your virtue, but it also expresses your love for and obedience to God Includes The Truth or Bare Fashion Tests and Fashion Challenges that will resonate with a teen girl.

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      Dannah Gresh, a mother daughter communication coach, has sold well over three quarters of a million copies of her books including And the Bride Wore White and 2008 s best selling CBA youth book, Lies Young Women Believe coauthored with Nancy Leigh DeMoss making her one of the most successful Christian authors targeting teens and preteens With the belief that today s culture has been seeking to rob little girls of their innocence, Dannah has been fighting on the front lines to protect them Her fun line of Secret Keeper Girl mom preteen daughter connecting resources and live events that tour the country provide moms with just the right tools to fight back She has long been at the forefront of the movement to encourage both tweens and teens to pursue purity and is often called upon to defend the conservative position of abstinence in national news media like USA Today, Time, Chicago Tribune, and Women s Wear Daily She is also a frequent contributor to FamilyLife Today, Midday Connection, and Focus on the Family Dannah lives in State College, Pennsylvania, with her husband, Bob, and their children, Robby, Lexi, and Autumn, whom the family adopted from China in 2007 She and her husband founded Grace Prep, a new model in Christian high school education, which Bob administrates She is shamelessly in love with her labradoodle, Stormie DannahGresh

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    1. I devoured this book as a young teen and regret to say I shared it with others. Looking back now I can see a lot of the ideas were chock full of victim-blaming, evo-psych pseudo-science, and well-known adults in the American Christian community telling young women they deserved to be afraid of--and even experience--sexual assault. That that was God's intent and plan for them. I took these damaging concepts to heart because I believed a Christian adult wouldn't guide me wrongly.Following every po [...]

    2. It's books like this that I feared as a teen services librarian- heaven forbid one of my teen girls get sexually assaulted and have a book like this enforce upon them the idea that it was their fault. By all means, be spiritual and modest, but don't tell teen girls that they are at fault for all the things men do.

    3. While I don't oppose dressing modestly, or as I view it: professionally, this book goes about it poorly. It is full of lies and is misleading. Specifically that all men are uncontrollably dictated by their natural urges (that's not degrading to men at all) and that women are at fault for what happens to them after tempting men with their immodest clothing (in other words: victim blaming). Women are discussed objectively, as objects that men desire in order to complete themselves and womens' only [...]

    4. Under the guise of feminine power, this book is full of victim blaming and shaming. This is a disgusting book and the only time I would give this to someone is to explain the exact opposite of what this book stands for.

    5. This is the second book I've read by Dannah Gresh and it just confirmed my belief that she is the most talented and inspired female christian non-fiction author. This book explores what modesty really is compared to today's standards. With soo many conflicting images in the media it can be hard for Christian girls to know what is morally acceptable to wear. Dannah breaks down what the bible says and what it means for christian girls who want to be morally and spiritually pure for God and their f [...]

    6. On a whim, I picked this little book up and read it. It's such a refreshing outlook for teen girls about the way they dress and act, compared with what we are bombarded with on a daily basis. A great read for any teen girl who values herself, along with purity and honor.

    7. I wanted to like this book more than I did. I've always been a big proponent of modesty, so I like that aspect of the book and the practical guidelines to be modest yet fashionable, but I did not like that it was so centered on guys. Yes, it's good to include some information for teen girls about how hormones affect guys, but I did not like the view that a woman's beauty was given to her by God for her husband. As much as the book is saying that modesty gives women power (which I agree with), al [...]

    8. This is a subject close to my heart. I feel like as a culture we are so exposed and into vulgarity and I really want my kids to understand that this isn't what God calls them to. For both my sons and my daughters I found many good tips and insights in this book.

    9. I can't even. Absolutely disgusting. I actually started to cry when I read it. I was so fucking pissed. Anti feminism. Anti women.

    10. Dannah Gresh tackles a much need topic in modesty for young ladies. In a time when ‘anything goes’, Christian girls continue to want to fit in with their peers. What does the Bible say about modesty? Do these young girls need to wear dresses to their ankles and veil their faces?Dannah expresses to the girls that they are uniquely beautiful and God intends for that beauty to intoxicate one man that she will marry. Until that time comes, there are some basic guidelines to help a girl be more m [...]

    11. Secret Keeper is a very good book! It challenged me to realize the power that I have and made me not want to let the way that I dress cause men to sin. Definitely would recommend to every girl!!

    12. Secret Keeper is a modest little book, tiny in size and packed with power. Dannah makes it her mission to make modesty attainable. She strips away the myths of fashion trends and appeals to a female's reasoning while gracefully incorporating Biblical revelation. Dannah teaches modesty with fun little tests that include visual demonstrations. She also shares some advertising tricks of the trade with deep and profound relevance to women. I also enjoyed her explanation of sin as "missing the mark". [...]

    13. This little gift book gets stars for content, layout, research, approach, and heart. New to me was the Old Testament Hebrew root word for sin, which is "chatta" and it's meaning is literally "to miss the mark". The author goes on to say, "Spiritually, the bull's eye is God's intended purpose for you. He delights in your hitting the mark because He knows that, since this is what you were created for, it will be most fulfilling." She continues, "God isn't up there saying, 'Bad! Bad girl! You reall [...]

    14. This is a short but powerful book on modesty. I was a little worried about how such a big subject could be adequately covered in so few words, but Gresh nailed it. I will say I was under the impression that Gresh wrote for the preteen/ tween audience, but this book was obviously written for teens. Probably 16 and up as it touches on some more explicit topics and the author admittedly covers some college course topics. It definitely won't work for my younger girls, but I will save it till they ar [...]

    15. I was hoping to read a different book by this author ("Six Ways to Keep the "Little" in Your Girl), but this was the only book the local library had. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this quick read. Gresh did a great job of explaining the importance of modesty to a teenage audience. I loved the scripture references and examples she shared. I really appreciated the chapter on "the inner quality" and how she included modesty in the form of how you act around guys. I'm LDS and didn't know any [...]

    16. This is the perfect gift to give to each teenage girl you know or come in contact with!Such great advice, all taken straight from the Bible! Really it is a sin to me immodest. To cause another to sin because of your own sin, bleck. Doesn't sound so good does it? But it's fashion. If we decide to follow ourselves and our own ways of thinking, do we truly love our God? Ugh. Hits home doesn't it? I love the bullseye way of thinking. Really a good activity to do with teenage girls. Dannah Gresh real [...]

    17. The Secret Keeper was a short book with a big message. I really liked it, because it didn’t drag on… wasn’t a huge book that overwhelmed you. Instead, it was short and sweet and made you think. It was about modesty, with a little different twist to explaining it than usual, I think. –Really interesting. Really encouraging and thought-provoking at the same time. I encourage girls and young women struggling with staying modest to read this book. Dannah Gresh really brings across a powerful [...]

    18. This book is an absolute MUST for ALL girls ages 12 and up! This is a book on modesty from a Christian perspective - THE BEST book I've come across on the subject. Even though the author isn't LDS she upholds the same standards. I highly recommend that mothers read it with their daughters because it's important that both are well informed. It's a small little book, you can easily get through in less than an hour, you'll be glad you did.

    19. I was very impressed with how this book handled the delicate subject of modesty. It did a great job discussing why modesty is so powerful among men and women, but at the same time it did it in a way that 1)doesn't make young women get defensive, and 2)doesn't give more information than is needed(great for keeping innocence intact). I highly recommend this book to young women, especially over Wendy Shalit's books(which include a lot of graphic information).

    20. Hmm, interesting. Certainly written for the teenage pop culture segment of society. I have a bit of a hard time with the emphasis on "your power" and "your incredible beauty" but she's got some really good points about why modesty is important for the sake of the guys. She also has some good practical modesty guidelines/tests.

    21. Loved this book! I bought this little book for my girls, but I found I could learn a lot from this book as well. One of my favorite parts of this book is the 6 "tests" it gives to know if your clothing is modest. I used these tests and found a few things in my closet that needed to go. We refer to this book often in teach about modesty. It is Christian based and has many biblical references.

    22. I really like how she approaches the topic of modesty and makes the readers know that the modesty is an attitude and not just about what you wear. The illustration of the statue has remained in my memory. The book does offer suggestion on what to wear to be modest; I just wished it recognized that when it comes to clothing, culture influences what is considered modest.

    23. Helped me see modesty as something I do because I love God. I think this book really focused well on the heart attitude, instead of just laying out a bunch of rules and saying, 'here, follow these.' lol.

    24. Secret Keeper is a book that makes you think. It makes you reconsider your choices. This book belongs in the hands of every girl seeking to honor God in her clothing choices. Dannah Gresh, thank you for such an inspiring book!

    25. I'm reading this before I turn it over to my daughters. So far I really like it and I love the word allure and the powerful meaning it holds especially when held with modesty, virtue, and Chasity. There are fun examples of test you can do to see if your clothes are immodest.

    26. A must-have for teenage daughters. Discusses modesty and the importance of in a fresh, fun way. The book is short, to the point, has lots of pictures and examples of famous people who value modesty. I highly recommend it.

    27. Meh, not amazing and a bit bland. Some things were good but others were utterly ridiculous. Just a Meh read. 3rd star for cool formatting.

    28. This book shows how to dress fashionably but still modest. I loved the tricks they give you to evaluate if you are dressed modestly.

    29. Really good for the area that it is in. Not my all time favorite read, but really good and something I'd recommend to my sisters and their friends.

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