Walter The Farting Dog Farts Again

Walter The Farting Dog Farts Again Walter s family is holding a yard sale but there are few customers Walter farting contentedly near Father wonders why When a man offers ten dollars for Walter Father readily agrees Walter wonders

  • Title: Walter The Farting Dog Farts Again
  • Author: William Kotzwinkle Glenn Murray Audrey Colman
  • ISBN: 9780141382074
  • Page: 428
  • Format: None
  • Walter s family is holding a yard sale, but there are few customers Walter, farting contentedly near Father, wonders why When a man offers ten dollars for Walter, Father readily agrees Walter wonders why Walter is sad to leave his family behind, but relieved to discover that his new owner is a clown Walter figures he will help the clown bring joy to children on theirWalter s family is holding a yard sale, but there are few customers Walter, farting contentedly near Father, wonders why When a man offers ten dollars for Walter, Father readily agrees Walter wonders why Walter is sad to leave his family behind, but relieved to discover that his new owner is a clown Walter figures he will help the clown bring joy to children on their birthdays But the clown has a dastardly plot he will use Walter s gas to inflate balloons and then pop them to stun guards during bank robberies Will Walter turn to the dark side Of course not He comes out a hero is reunited with his family by doing what he does best.

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    1. William Kotzwinkle Glenn Murray Audrey Colman

      William Kotzwinkle is a two time recipient of the National Magazine Award for Fiction, a winner of the World Fantasy Award, the Prix Litteraire des Bouquinistes des Quais de Paris, the PETA Award for Children s Books, and a Book Critics Circle award nominee His work has been translated into dozens of languages.

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    1. If you're disappointed that your five-year-old doesn't yet appreciate Chaucer or Chagall, start by reading them this excellent little book. Walter, the eponymously flatulent hero, has accompanied his family to the yard sale, but is scaring away the prospective customers with his gaseous emissions. The kids love him with that special, unconditional love that small children feel for their dogs, but Dad is rather less loyal. He waits until his children have gone off for a moment, then sells Walter [...]

    2. I found this book to be creepy, disturbing and oh so wrong on so many levels. Walter's family is holding a yard sale but things aren't selling well. The children, Betty and Billy, run off to buy some ice cream and while away, their father sells Walter their dog for $10 to a clown. THEN he lies to the kids saying that Walter wandered off!!The clown ends up being a bank robber who lies to Walter saying he is blowing up balloons for a good cause - children - but is really planning a bank heist. Wal [...]

    3. 4.5 starsAfter I read the first book in the “Walter the Farting Dog” series, I was yearning to read more from this hilarious and unique series and lo and behold, I picked up the second book in the “Walter the Farting Dog” series “Walter the Farting Dog: Trouble at the Yard Sale,” which was written by William Kotzwinkle and Glenn Murray, along with illustrations by Audrey Colman and it was just as hilarious as the first book!The book starts off with Father, Betty, Billy and Walter hav [...]

    4. This book was disturbing to both my husband and me. We are not bothered by the potty humor however the illustrations are disturbing and the father selling the beloved (if flatulent) family pet while the children are buying ice cream does not send a good message to children. The father lies when the children ask him about Walter and then when Walter returns home a hero, the father stands proudly and sings Walter's praises. After reading this to my 4 year old I asked her what she thought about the [...]

    5. I would recommend that, before you read this book, you read the first in the series, “Walter the Farting Dog,” for context and background, neither of which is particularly complex. This one tells of Father’s difficulty selling anything at all at a neighborhood yard sale, when this fellow comes along and offers to purchase Walter, farts and all, for $10. Of course, Betty and Billy are elsewhere, so Father closes the deal. The buyer is a clown, and plans to put Walter to good use with a clev [...]

    6. Don't be discouraged by the title. Yes, Walter is a farting dog, but it's funny--- not gross.He uses his flatulence for good, not evil. In this book, Walter helps foil a would-be thief's dastardly plot to rob banks. No one is expecting his stink bombs to be able to take out grown men with a single whiff, but they do. In the end, the family realizes what makes a family a family, and even dad learns to appreciate Walter just the way he is. I admit it's a bit much at time. A dog that passes gas--of [...]

    7. After seeing the cover of this book I got really excited because I thought it would be so awkward and funny. However, I really did not like it. I think writing about a farting dog is an awesome idea for a children's book because kids are so fascinated by farting. But I found that this book is just crude and scary. Walter gets sold by his owner to a freaky clown who forces him to fart, then uses his gas balloons to make people pass out and robs a bank! Clowns already have a terrible reputation, a [...]

    8. You will either love it or hate it. I hated it. I'm not a prude; I can sometimes appreciate potty humor. However, Trouble at the Yard Sale features such a cast of completely unsympathetic characters that I find nothing redeeming to say about this book. The father is a bastard who sells the family dog while the kids are off buying ice cream, then he lies and tells them the dog ran away. The guy he sold their dog to is an evil clown/crook who straps the dog into a "fart capturing machine" so that [...]

    9. Aside from the dedication of the book, I found this a detriment to the Walter stories.Lying father, evil clown, poor Walter is a captive and the illustrations were a bit disturbing. Unfortunately there is not much of a positive lesson in this book.I won't be reading this to my young nephews or nieces and I am donating it to the library in case SOMEONE wants it.

    10. I would rate this book higher, but I cannot get over the Dad selling the family dog at a yard sale while the kids aren't around! That's horrible! And again, creepy artwork. Otherwise, I found the idea of using farts as a dangerous weapon quite funny.

    11. Never trust a clown! The artwork is a whimsical collage of haphazardly drawn figures against an I-Spy background mingled with oddball items worthy of a garage sale. Its the second Walter the Farting Dog book I've read, and pardon the pun, but its a gas! Everything about the story, including Betty and Billy's dad selling their beloved pet at their garage sale is over-the-top and ridiculous, which is what makes these books so appealing and fun.

    12. Loved Walter, but had trouble with reaffirming the positive moral in this one. THE DAD'S A JERK. Who would sell the dog for $10 anyway? Walter is not valuable to him until he 'saves the day' he doesn't care at all (about Walter or his children's feelings.) I don't think this one had heart in it. That bothers me.

    13. First the horrible dad character sells the family dog at a garage sale to a creepy man who dresses up in clown costumes to rob banks. The clown shackles the dog up to a fart-catching machine. It's awful on so many levels and the illustrations are creepy, in not-cool way. Although I don't care for this series, I'd recommend sticking with the original Walter the Farting Dog (if you must).

    14. Similar plot to the original book (thwarting a crime), and another funny Walter story, but I didn't love the underhanded way the father sold Walter, lied about it, then acted like Walter's biggest champion once again. I know it's meant to be amusing, but I'm not a fan of dishonesty.

    15. Tbh, I am not a fan of this book. At all. The illustrations freak me out. My child, however, adores it. Sigh. :)

    16. Walter isn't the traditional family pet, but his owners love him anyway. When Dad sells Walter to make a quick buck at the yard sale, the family realizes how special Walter is.

    17. a fun and irreverent book about a dog who farts. the farts are then used in the commission of a crimekids will love this.

    18. It's not your typical children's book but you know what, that's a really good thing because most new children's books that come out nowadays are easy to forget. They should let kids write their own books because adults try to get cutesy and they just suck at it. This book is a bit more unique and my son and I like to read it while we make fart noises together whenever Walter lets one rip. If you are really uptight and worry about exposing your children to farts, or just the word FART you will pr [...]

    19. Oh Walter. Walter took a little while to grow on me but I wanted to like him so I kept giving him chances. The illustrations are very differnt from anyother children's book I've ever seen and can come off a little bit scary atleast they did to me. The story is a little out there too but it is a book that children will LOVE becuase it is about a dog that farts. I would use this book to show students that they truly can write about anything they want. I would also use this book to teach the craft [...]

    20. Dissapointing. I really liked the original book, but now that all these other ones have come out. It is kinda like when an original of a movie is good and then they just make more and more but the don't quite live up to the first. This one was just weird. Walter ends up eating beans & hooked up to a fart machine that is suctioned to his rear all the while blowing up balloons with his gas. Maybe some young kids will find it funny, but I didn't. Also, the graphics are just strangely done, they [...]

    21. This is a delightful children's book with even more delightful illustrations and a storyline that sounds like it came straight out of a 60's kid's cartoon (at least the characterizations, if not the farts). I realize that I'm a grown adult and putting a short children's book on my reading list is sort of cheating, but I left my 40 book challenge for the end of the year (having read some 400+ page books earlier on), so I close out the year with the lovely Walter. I've also got the first in this s [...]

    22. One of the students in my class could not stop laughing when reading this book aloud to the class. The students kept looking around wondering if they were going to get in trouble. A bank robber has Walter fart into balloons. He then uses these ballons to rob banks because no one could stand the smell. This is not a great piece of children's literature but can really motivate some students to read.

    23. Very entertaining for children and adults. The book itself did not seem that deep to me, although the dedication was to those who have ever felt left out, which holds meaning. My little brother thought this book was hilarious, so anything that makes him laugh makes me happy. I can definitely see parents getting upset if you use this as a read aloud but it absolutely has the humor that appeals to children.

    24. Man, I really liked this book. To begin with, it starts out with a dedication for anyone who didn't fit in. And yeah, it's pretty funny to watch parents' faces when you give this to their children and also to see the kids' faces because they get to read a book about farting. But honestly, I just love the message behind it. The kids in the story will do anything for their nasty smelly dog, Walter and the adults just don't understand.

    25. Perhaps the worst children's book ever. Just as an example, the father sends his kids out for ice cream during the family yard sale so that he can surreptitiously sell the family dog, who apparently has some sort of digestive problem. The dad then lies and tells his kids that the dog ran away. Creepy illustrations, too.

    26. Another installment in the sagas of Walter the Farting Dog. I didn't like this one as much as the first because the concept of a funny farting dog is a little old. This storyline is also much more fantastical--Walter's behind is strapped to a machine, and he is forced to blow up balloons for an evil clown. Eventually, he helps the police capture the clown and is reunited with his family.

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