In the Approaches

In the Approaches Open yourself up again to all that terrible light and savage bliss and deafening reverberation Nicola Barker s readers are primed to expect surprises but her tenth novel delivers mind meld on a metap

  • Title: In the Approaches
  • Author: Nicola Barker
  • ISBN: 9780007583706
  • Page: 347
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Open yourself up again to all that terrible light and savage bliss and deafening reverberation Nicola Barker s readers are primed to expect surprises, but her tenth novel delivers mind meld on a metaphysical scale From quiet beginnings in the picturesque English seaside enclave of Pett Level, In The Approaches ultimately constructs its own anarchic city state on the Open yourself up again to all that terrible light and savage bliss and deafening reverberation Nicola Barker s readers are primed to expect surprises, but her tenth novel delivers mind meld on a metaphysical scale From quiet beginnings in the picturesque English seaside enclave of Pett Level, In The Approaches ultimately constructs its own anarchic city state on the previously undiscovered common ground between G.K Chesterton and Philip K Dick On the one hand, this is an old fashioned romantic comedy of fused buttocks, shrunken heads and Irish Aboriginal saints on the other it s Barker s wildest and most haunting book since 2007 s Booker Prize shortlisted Darkmans.Following previous celebrations of the enduring allure of the posted letter Burley Cross Postbox Theft and the pre lapsarian innocence of pre Twitter celebrity Booker longlisted The Yips , this concluding instalment of Barker s subliminally affiliated digital trilogy imagines a basis for the internet in Catholic theology Set in a 1984 which seems almost as distantly located in the past as Orwell s was in the future, In the Approaches offers a captivating glimpse of something shocking than any dystopia the possibility of faith.

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      347 Nicola Barker
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    1. Nicola Barker

      Librarian Note There is than one author in the database with this name.Nicola Barker is an English writer.Nicola Barker s eight previous novels include Darkmans short listed for the 2007 Man Booker and Ondaatje prizes, and winner of the Hawthornden Prize , Wide Open winner of the 2000 International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award , and Clear long listed for the Man Booker Prize in 2004 She has also written two prize winning collections of short stories, and her work has been translated into than twenty languages She lives in East London.

    877 thoughts on “In the Approaches”

    1. Barker releases another bouncing bomb of British barminess and wipes out several hundred readers in the process (including this one). In the first decade of Barker’s career, she wrote understated and careful prose and imbued her oddballs with dark all-too-human eccentricities, creating airtight worlds with her own peculiar prose insignias. The arrival of Behindlings marked the beginning of her new expansive phase, perfected to an art in Darkmans. Since that novel, she has been ploughing the sa [...]

    2. Are you familiar with “novel nausea”? The condition suffered by writers such as Zadie Smith and Karl Ove Knausgaard? (“…just the thought of fiction, just the thought of a fabricated character in a fabricated plot made [me] feel nauseous”).It’s the point at which imagination and play and symbolization are so denigrated and infantilized by a literal culture, that it creates a crisis of confidence. The message is clear; fiction is for children. As you mature, you throw away childish thi [...]

    3. This was headed for a 4-star rating, and then the last 50 pages happened. Barker always creates marvelously eccentric characters, and they kept me going, but the end doesn't contain an ending. And, adding post-modern insult to injury, tells us it doesn't. As one of the themes in the book revolves around faith, perhaps we were meant to take on faith the life-reflecting reality of no real end outside of (and perhaps not then) death.

    4. I'm biased, as Nicola Barker is one of my favourite writers, but for me this is the novel of 2014. See how firmly I've nailed my colours to the mast. The rest of this review would be pretty one-sided, so I'm not going to discuss the book or explain the story or any of that usual book review schtick. I'm just going to point at this novel, and stare at you, until you are either shamed or enticed into buying and reading it. That is all.

    5. To quote Mr Clifford Bickerton, the local odd-jobs man and self-conscious pawn in the hands of the author: 'Does she ever get around to telling a story? And aside from that (how can you write a story without actually telling a story?) I just feel like she's really over-egging the pudding this time around. I can’t seriously imagine her Average Reader would approve (is that you? Or are you just flicking through this at your mother’s house during the Christmas holidays - bored out of your tiny [...]

    6. This started of really nicely, then there was a chapter from the point of view of a parrot and it became amazing. I quickly tired of it all after that and by page ~100 I couldn't be arsed reading the rest. So I've quit.

    7. In the Approaches by Nicola Barker is one of those books where the author seems to be having so much fun they’ve forgotten about their readers. Amusing in snatches it was also frustratingly confusing. By the end I had no clearer idea of its purpose than I had at the beginning.I started reading it having heard of Nicola Barker’s name as ‘one to watch’. She’s steadily attracted attention ever since she was named as one of the 20 Best Young British Novelists by Granta in 2005 and her last [...]

    8. Nicola Barker rarely makes public appearances, so it was a rare pleasure to see her in conversation with her fan Ali Smith at the Edinburgh Book Festival in 2014. She made the observation that her novels roughly alternate between ‘serious’ works written in the third person and more frivolous ones written in the first person. During the brief chat I had with her while she signed my copy of In the Approaches, I said that I probably wouldn’t like it, because I much prefer her serious, third-p [...]

    9. I love Nicola Barker's books even though (because) they're quite weird. This one struck me particularly because it's full of characters talking to the author/reader and endless brackets, both things which some people really can't get on with but might explain my own interest in them. :) It's a big fat thing set on the south coast (a place she writes very well - sort of near Rye-ish this one) where the precarious nature of the coast, slipping into the sea, is reflected by the precariousness of th [...]

    10. If you don’t like quirky and off-beat, you probably won’t like this decidedly bizarre novel. Only the strange thing is that in spite of the fact that on the whole I myself don’t enjoy quirky and off-beat novels, I actually found myself quite entranced by this one. I’m not going to try and summarise the plot, such as it is. Essentially it’s the tale of Franklin D Huff who arrives in Sussex on an investigation of some sort and rents a cliff-side cottage form Miss Carla Hahn. So far, so s [...]

    11. I've read a couple of Barker's previous books, Darkmans and The Yips, and I liked them, so I read this one. I liked it too - because it's so odd! I still don't know what it's about really, but I don't think that matters because it's so entertaining. It's mainly 2 people's inner dialogues wrestling with their perceptions of the outside world, added to by a minor character who is aware that he's a minor character and is permanently enraged at the author, and the musings of a transgender parrot. I [...]

    12. Barker is always a challenging read but always too a thoroughly enjoyable one if you don't mind not really knowing what is going on. 'In the Approaches' tackles themes of religious faith as well as love in ways which stimulate thought. It also draws attention to its literariness in a postmodern way in the character of Clifford Bickerton who is cross throughout the book because the author keeps putting words into his mouth which he feels as a local yokel he would never say while knowing that he's [...]

    13. 3.5 but rounded up because it is much better than The Yips even so something of a disappointment. Great fun to read, mostly, and you have to admire the chutzpah of having several chapters written from the point of view of a parrot (or possibly a macaw) but the plot disappeared off a cliff fairly early on. if you enjoy the prose, the process dare I say, then the lack of closure may not jar. I'm genuinely not sure if I did but since I made it to the end am prepared to give the benefit of the doubt [...]

    14. Hilarious and innovative narrative techniques. Though some of these tricks (the hiccups; the parrot's squawks) were somewhat overdrawn and wearing to read. The two main protagonists shared the propensity to be uncertain about word-choice and so 3 or 4 alternatives were ALWAYS offered which gave the impression that they weren't differentiated characters but just authorial mouthpieces. But perhaps that was the point - because the same point was addressed directly with the treatment of Clifford. I [...]

    15. Nicola Barker's In the Approaches is a twisted, perverse yet strangely sweet comedy about keeping faith and finding love. The light-infused counterpart to the brooding, harrowing Darkmans, Barker's latest has at its centre the image of an angelic child obsessed with praying for others, who literally cannot clasp her own hands together to offer up those supplications. The image is both heartrending and inspiring, and stands most vividly for the damaged but endearing souls (Barker's trademark and [...]

    16. I still love you Nicola Barker and there were moments where I laughed out loud and was almost caught up in the old magic but so much of this novel seemed like Nicola Barker retread. The tricks (admittedly brilliant) without any purpose behind them. Case in point: There didn't really seem to be a point to the parrot. I will fondly think back on Darkmans and Clear, and hope for better from The Cauliflower.

    17. It breaks my heart to say it, because I love 'Darkmans' like a member of my own family, but this was total guff. Rambling nonsense with little in the way of plot. It's a sad day when the funniest thing in a Nicola Barker novel is a chapter from the perspective of a mis-gendered budgie.

    18. wow! I couldn't put this down - bizarre and beautiful . fast paced - about saints, seaside villages, parrots.

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