Kaleidoscope Next to the incomparable Mrs Pollifax Dorothy Gilman s best loved character is the mysterious Madame Karitska who is blessed with a powerful gift of clairvoyance that attracts to her a stream of men

  • Title: Kaleidoscope
  • Author: Dorothy Gilman
  • ISBN: 9780345448217
  • Page: 417
  • Format: Paperback
  • Next to the incomparable Mrs Pollifax, Dorothy Gilman s best loved character is the mysterious Madame Karitska, who is blessed with a powerful gift of clairvoyance that attracts to her a stream of men and women craving help with their misfortunes, desperate to know what the future holds When a brilliant young violinist dies in a horrific accident, Madame Karitska haNext to the incomparable Mrs Pollifax, Dorothy Gilman s best loved character is the mysterious Madame Karitska, who is blessed with a powerful gift of clairvoyance that attracts to her a stream of men and women craving help with their misfortunes, desperate to know what the future holds When a brilliant young violinist dies in a horrific accident, Madame Karitska has only to hold the victim s instrument in her hands to perceive the shocking truth But when an insecure wife asks whether her husband will abandon her to join a sinister cult, Madame Karitska as wise as she is lovely chooses not to reveal all that she foresees And when an attach case is suddenly dropped into her lap by a man fleeing a crowded subway, she knows it s time to consult her good friend Detective Lieutenant Pruden.A nine year old accused of murder, a man dying a slow death by witchcraft for the hunted and the haunted, Madame Karitska s shabby downtown apartment becomes a haven, where brilliant patterns of violence, greed, passion, and strange obsessions mix and disintegrate with stunning, kaleidoscopic beauty.Once again Dorothy Gilman exercises her own uncanny power to render readers spellbound.From the Hardcover edition.

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    1. Dorothy Gilman

      Dorothy Gilman started writing when she was 9 At 11, she competed against 10 to 16 year olds in a story contest and won first place Dorothy worked as an art teacher and telephone operator before becoming an author She wrote children s stories for than ten years under the name Dorothy Gilman Butters and then began writing adult novels about Mrs Pollifax a retired grandmother who becomes a CIA agent The Mrs Pollifax series made Dorothy famous While her stories nourish people s thirst for adventure and mystery, Dorothy knew about nourishing the body as well She used to live on a farm in Nova Scotia, where she grew medicinal herbs Her knowledge of herbs comes through in many of her stories, including A Nun in the Closet, in which a nun treats a man s wounds with the herbs growing nearby Many of Dorothy s books, including Caravan, feature strong women having adventures around the world Dorothy spent much of her life in Connecticut and Maine She died at age 88 of complications of Alzheimer s disease.Series Mrs Pollifax

    245 thoughts on “Kaleidoscope”

    1. 2.5 stars on the reread.I've always enjoyed Dorothy Gilman's (non Pollifax) mysteries most, so when this one came up cheap on offer from , I bought it to re-read.I enjoyed it but found the internal chronology to be distinctly wonky upon reread. I wonder if it was 'furbished up' inadequately for republication as an ebook? If so, it was not done well.Overall this is a pre-cellphone era mystery/suspense novel that is supposedly set post 2000/after Oklahoma City Bombings. Weird anachronistic happeni [...]

    2. This is the "sequel" to The Clairvoyant Countess which was written in the 60's. The characters still have that old fashioned feel and language to them--a very gentle old-world feel. I wish that there would be more of these but, alas, Dorothy Gilman is no longer with us!

    3. What a great little book, with lots of different characters, all helped by Madame Karitska, a psychometric who gets impressions of people from touching items they own, helping police to solve crimes. I don't cotton to such things, but the story is good and Madame is quite likeable.

    4. I've been trying to figure out what I love so much about Dorothy Gilman. Although the Clairvoyant Countess is not my favorite of her characters, it is still recognizably a Dorothy Gilman book. She has such hope for people and sees within a landscape of sadness and difficulty seeds of transformation and human goodness. In this sequel to The Clairvoyant Countess we see again Madame Karitska using her talent to bring people together and rescue those in danger. It is rather like a collection of shor [...]

    5. The psychometric reader Madame Karitska is back, in a collection of short stories that link up into (almost) a novel. Madame lives in a poor part of a fictionalized city, but has won the respect of many, including important police officers. She helps her unhappy neighbors with their lives, creates a few matches without actively matchmaking, and is able to find the answer to several criminal puzzles, all without ruffling her composure. This is really easy reading, and despite at least one threate [...]

    6. The Mrs. Pollifax books are my favorite by Gilman but this was still quite good! The reason for the 3 star rating being that the book was written as if it were short stories rather than one cohesive storyline. I don't care for that.

    7. The main character is a psychic who helps solve crimes. This is a pretty crappy book. The characters are superficial at best; there's no plot, the book is little more than a series of vignettes, and it's filled with anachronisms and stereotypes and just plain stupid stuff. Really, if you hit someone on the head hard enough to knock them out, the police don't take him to the station for booking when he comes too, they take them in an ambulance to the ER, unless he happens to be black, and then th [...]

    8. This is just a fun little book from the author of the "Mrs. Pollifax" series. It is actually the second of only two. The plot iswellere are actually several sub-plots rather than "a plot," as we follow our heroine, Madame Karitska through several days. Madame is a psychic who helps the police as well as her private clients with their lives. This is not a deep book, but it is quite and gently amusing. I had fun with it, and will certainly get the prequel.

    9. My book club chose this book. I tried. I really did, but this was a horrible book. Somewhat reminiscent of Sherlock Holmes, but poorly written and supposedly set in the early 2000’s, except no cell phones and language from 50 years ago. It’s a mush mash of short stories and there is zero character development, so you really don’t care what happens.

    10. I like Mrs Polifax better. This book was a fast and simple read. Being able to sense future and past events through her power of prophecy; delightful vignettes of her life happen in this novel. You will have to read to find out the results.

    11. I adore the Mrs. Pollifax series by Dorothy Gilman and when I saw this book at the library, I had to read it. It is the second book in the series but I would not have known except for the occasional referral to previous events. This really did not take away from the story at all.Madame Karitska has the ability to take a personal object of a person and be able to tell you about that person. She gets impressions of a person's emotions and personality. This is not something she has ever been thrill [...]

    12. Dorothy Gilman has a beautiful way with words. I loved the Countess in both this book and her previous book. Just a very nice read.

    13. I've always loved reading Dorothy Gilman - all the Mrs. Polifax, and now this, the second Madame Karitska. Madame's wisdom and absolute humanity make her just wonderful as the star of this book. It was an engaging read and made me want to go back and revisit Mrs. Polifax again!

    14. Having read all the Mrs. Pollifax books, wishing there'd be more, I was pleased a few years back to findThe Clairvoyant Countess, Dorothy Gilman's first book featuring Madame Karitzka. I was even more pleased to find a second Mme. Karitzka book,Kaleidoscope, waiting on my TBR shelf. It was just what I needed at the time.The title is apt, for the various problems Mme. Karitzka is asked to solve keep changing and recombining throughout the book just as the bits of colored glass do in a kaleidoscop [...]

    15. The clairvoyant countess (who actually practices psychometry: the divination of facts concerning an object or its owner through contact with or to the object) returns, with more cases solved in partnership with Detective-Lieutenant Pruden. It begins when Madame Karitska recognizes an old acquaintance on a train, who passes her a case before fleeing from a mysterious man. Then one of her clients, a young mother named Betsy, comes for advice when her husband joins a cult. The Guardians of Eden are [...]

    16. One of my absolute favourite books is Gilman's A Nun in the Closet. It's fluff, but it's fun fluff. Yeah, it's impossible, but it's light fiction. Madame Karitska should be similar but is not. Definitely not. I don't know what's missing, but I find the Karitska stories flat and unconvincing. Maybe it's because Kaleidoscope was published in 2002 but with a definite 1970s voice. We are told that Karitska "rejects TV and newspapers to keep the channels clear" because there's too much violence out t [...]

    17. Pleasant, slightly old-fashioned mysteries solved by a psychic who uses psychometry to discern key clues and motives

    18. love DorothyFrom the first Dorothy Gilman book I picked up to this one, I have yet to have been disappointed. I love her characters and all the stuff they get into. Go Dorothy.☺

    19. I really enjoy Madam Karitska; the representation of a working psychic as an average woman who has dreams or works with psychometry to do readings with no crazy magic or wild explanations in short as someone I can recognize and know in my real life, is truly refreshing.This isn't a book with adventure, or puzzles to be solved. It's not fun or thrilling, or laugh out loud, if you're looking for a book to take you away from the mundane this book won't do that for you. It is instead a study of char [...]

    20. I had read most of Gilman's Mrs. Polifax series years ago and was surprised to find she had other books out. I picked this up for cheap and thought I would try it just because I liked the others so much. I was at first taken aback by the difference between the two. Perhaps the common thread might be that they are both mature women and solve mysteries in life.Madame Karitstka is a clairvoyant who reads the past and present through psychometry. She has built her business primarily through word of [...]

    21. I loved The Clairvoyant Countess as a kid and still have a great fondness for the book today (reading it through the lens of the era in which it was written), so I was really excited to discover that the author had decided, 30 years later, to revisit the characters. Well, I enjoyed this book for the nostalgia it brought, but the writing style really doesn't hold up well to a more modern sensibility.It was great to see all the old characters again, but the author did one thing that I found incred [...]

    22. While a pleasant enough read, this is definitely not one of the author's better efforts. As a rule, Gilman's books combine intriguing plots with enjoyable characters and, usually, exotic locales. This one features a psychic from an earlier book (which I've read but don't remember well) and pretty much follows her through a series of customers, without much of a plot. I don't think all books have to be tightly plotted--far from it--but something else needs to be really good if there isn't much of [...]

    23. Okay, I admit: Four stars is probably generous. But Dorothy Gilman is my favorite comfort writer, and this is the first of her books that I've reread since her death earlier this year. There's no doubt that her writing style is old-fashioned. Characters call each other "wretch," very often remark "dryly," and are unusually fond of "terribly" as an adjective. This book overlaps a number of short investigations that are all the cornier for their brevity. A hint of "women's lib" further dates the s [...]

    24. 2/2015 I know - it breaks this year's rule. But still, a good book for February because THAT is the month you really want to meet Madame Karitska and have her turn your world inside out in a good way.5/2011 Comfort food, a good in-between-book and a good bedtime book. I don't like every single story about Madame Karitska, but even the cheesier ones have phrases like "ere's always a choice, you know. Limited by character and your history and personality, there always there's a choice", and "what [...]

    25. I have enjoyed some of Dorothy Gilman's books in the past. They're generally light-weight, mild mysteries, often with strong, interesting female characters. This one is not worth the time to read. It involves a "Countess" who, by holding an object belonging to a person, can "see" into that person's past or current situation. She is frequently called on by a local detective, apparently incapable on solving crimes on his own, to assist him with his cases. Countess to the rescue and in a few moment [...]

    26. I have always loved the Mrs. Pollifax books, but this one has a different main character. I was worried that this one would be just like Mrs. Pollifax, but she is definitely different. I was reading "Mrs. Pollifax Pursued", and came to a part in the story where she is given a job as a "psychic" at a carnival. Then suddenly Dorothy Gilman switched gears and had her become a newspaper reporter writing a story about the carnival. I thought, "Wow, she missed a great opportunity to write an interesti [...]

    27. It isn't a Mrs. Pollifax, but Madame Karitsky could be a cousin, in somewhat poorer circumstancesdame Karitsky does readings. She uses psychometry. I should look the word up, but apparently, she gets sensations from objects and can tell about a person that way.There are a lot of short stories involving people she's helped. Eventually they all tie together.It's very much like a gentle, cozy mystery with the feel of a time earlier than it was written. Modern things are mentioned, but it gave me a [...]

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