Dienstags bei Morrie: Die Lehre eines Lebens

Dienstags bei Morrie Die Lehre eines Lebens Diese wahre Geschichte von der Liebe zwischen einem spirituellen Mentor und seinem Sch ler ist aus vielen Gr nden in der Bestsellerliste nach oben geschossen Zum einen erinnert sie uns an die Zuneigun

  • Title: Dienstags bei Morrie: Die Lehre eines Lebens
  • Author: Mitch Albom
  • ISBN: 9783442451753
  • Page: 176
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Diese wahre Geschichte von der Liebe zwischen einem spirituellen Mentor und seinem Sch ler ist aus vielen Gr nden in der Bestsellerliste nach oben geschossen Zum einen erinnert sie uns an die Zuneigung und Dankbarkeit, die viele von uns immer noch f r die bedeutenden Mentoren unserer Vergangenheit hegen Zum anderen spielt sie eine Phantasie durch, die vielen von uns im KDiese wahre Geschichte von der Liebe zwischen einem spirituellen Mentor und seinem Sch ler ist aus vielen Gr nden in der Bestsellerliste nach oben geschossen Zum einen erinnert sie uns an die Zuneigung und Dankbarkeit, die viele von uns immer noch f r die bedeutenden Mentoren unserer Vergangenheit hegen Zum anderen spielt sie eine Phantasie durch, die vielen von uns im Kopf herumspukt diese Leute wieder aufzusuchen, um ihnen zu sagen, was sie uns bedeutet haben, und vielleicht sogar die Beziehung wieder aufzunehmen Au erdem lernen wir Morrie Schwartz kennen einen einmaligen Professor, den der Autor als eine Kreuzung zwischen einem biblischen Propheten und einem Weihnachtself beschreibt Und schlie lich werden wir in die intimen Momente der letzten Tage von Morrie eingeweiht, als er wegen einer unheilbaren Krankheit im Sterben liegt Sogar auf seinem Sterbebett schafft es dieser ehrw rdige Mensch mit seinen funkelnden Augen, uns alles ber ein bewu tes und gehaltvolles Leben beizubringen Alle Achtung vor dem Autor und anerkannten Sportkolumnisten Mitch Albom, der uns diese universell r hrende Geschichte mit soviel Charme und Bescheidenheit erz hlt Gail Hudson Der Titelheld Morrie ist Morrie Schwartz, der 20 Jahre zuvor Alboms Universit tsprofessor gewesen war Albom sah zuf llig ein Interview mit Morrie in der Sendung Nightline, was schlie lich dazu f hrte, da er wieder mit seinem alten Lehrer, Freund und Coach zusammentraf Albom, ein erfolgreicher Sportjournalist, k mpfte zu dieser Zeit damit, seine Unzufriedenheit mit seinem eigenen Leben und seiner Karriere zu definieren Morrie, andererseits, litt nach einem gehaltvollen Leben voller Freunde, Familie, Unterrichten und Musik an der t dlichen Lou Gehrig Krankheit, ein l hmendes Leiden, das seine Aktivit ten von Tag zu Tag mehr einschr nkte Albom war einer von hunderten von fr heren Studenten und Bekannten, die von weither kamen, um Morrie in den letzten Monaten seines Lebens zu besuchen Die 14 Dienstagsbesuche, die ihrem Wiedersehen folgten, schickten Albom und so wird es auch seinen Lesern gehen auf eine Reise, die ihm wieder die Augen ffnete f r die Dinge, die ein Leben erf llt machen Die Geschichte ist in einem journalistischen Stil geschrieben, der niemals in Pathos bergeht Brenda Pittsley

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      176 Mitch Albom
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    1. Mitch Albom

      Mitchell David Albom is an author, journalist, screenwriter, playwright, radio and television broadcaster and musician His books have collectively sold over 35 million copies worldwide have been published in forty one territories and in forty two languages around the world and have been made into Emmy Award winning and critically acclaimed television movies.

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    1. I have decided to delete this review. It was not my intention to upset anyone who either suffered from the disorder discussed in this book nor anyone related to such a person (See comment 270). Nonetheless, I still believe this to be a particularly poorly written book that contains more saccharine than substance. Still, if it brings you some sense of comfort - more strength to you.I have chosen not to delete the comments thread as not all of the comments are mine to delete.

    2. If I were to die unexpectedly I wouldn’t be ashamed in the least of someone finding my porn stash. And by the way, that video isn’t bestiality, it’s just two guys in a moose suit—big difference. I would be a little ashamed of the fact that I have the first season of 90210 on my iPod, something I downloaded for a friend’s 14 year old daughter (note to self: delete it now!). I’m more worried about someone coming across Tuesdays with Morrie or Eat, Pray, Love in my book collection. I ha [...]

    3. I have never written a review like this before but this book truly inspired me.So I just finished reading "Tuesdays With Morrie". What a wonderful book, I couldn't put it down! I cannot even imagine going through the last stages of my own life and being as brave (for lack of a better word in my head right now) as Morrie. He was filled with such happiness and joy in his own life. He had regrets but realized that it is ok as long as you can reconcile with yourself in the end. I'm not the type of p [...]

    4. This is one of those books where I find myself agreeing with the five star reviews and the one star reviews with almost equal enthusiasm.On one hand, it's the sweet story of a man as he reconnects with a former mentor/professor, who is facing a death sentence via ALS. It's obvious that Albom's "Tuesdays with Morrie" provided them both with something substantially satisfying. And that's inspiring and poignant. Yet on the other hand, Albom's attempts to enlighten us transforms it into a "Hallmark" [...]

    5. Review inspired by Eddie GreenwellWisdom grows with age. But the development of wisdom also accelerates when mortality becomes clear. Mortality shined down on Morrie Schwartz, a happy not-quite-old man through a quick diagnosis of ALS – or Lou Gehrig’s disease. Morrie was a professor of sociology at Brandeis University; he dedicated his life to the study of individuals’ actions in their respective societies and together he and Mitch Albom wrote his final paper: a study of his life in his s [...]

    6. Tuesdays with Morrie, Mitch AlbomFirst Publication date: 1997. The story was later recreated by Thomas Rickman into a TV movie of the same name directed by Mick Jackson, which aired on December 5, 1999 and starred Jack Lemmon and Hank Azaria. Tuesday's With Morrie examines the interactions and phenomena between the human experience of living and dying. A theme of personal transcendence appears for both characters: Morrie and Albom.تاریخ نخستین خوانش: دوازدهم ماه جول [...]

    7. موری داستان هم درد استیون هاوکینگ را تحمل میکند و لحظه به لحظه به مرگ نزدیک میشود اما دیدگاه انسانیش به مرگ و وصیت هایی که برای میچ شاگرد قدیمی اش به جای میگذارد فوق العلاده ترین کلام هاست و باعث میشود در کنار تلخی مرگ آهسته اش , شیرینی دیدگاه انسانی و والای یک انسان مثل موری دا [...]

    8. I'd heard raves about "Tuesdays with Morrie," so I was went into this with high hopes due to hype,and this book delivered and enchanted me. It is truly a book about teaching and teachable moments. A book for anyone that is looking for something that can help him or her through life when it gets hard. "Tuesdays with Morrie" starts off as a teacher who watches his student, Mitch Albom, go through college and then later in life Mitch experiences this same teacher (or Coach, Morrie) struggle with a [...]

    9. * Reread"So many people walk around with a meaningless life. They seem half-asleep, even when they're busy doing things they think are important. This is because they're chasing the wrong things. The way you get meaning into your life is to devote yourself to loving others, devote yourself to your community around you, and devote yourself to creating something that gives you purpose and meaning." Whenever someone asks me to tell them my favorite books of all time, I always put this book at the t [...]

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    11. ‎دوستانِ گرانقدر، این رمان در موردِ مردی به نامِ <میچ> است که در زمانِ دانشجویی استادِ جامعه شناسی به نامِ <موری> داشته است که این استاد در میان دانشجویان بسیار دوست داشتنی بوده است <موری> به بیماریِ بدونِ درمانِ "ای-ال-اس" مبتلا شده است پس از ۱۶ سال <میچ> پس از دیدنِ [...]

    12. كتابي درباره مرگ و همزمان درباره زندگيراستش عليرغم تعريفاتي كه ازش شنيده بودم بعضي جاها واقعا حوصله‌م سرميرفت از خوندنش اما جملات زيبايي هم داشت كه تا مدتها ميتونه فكر آدم رو درگير خودش كنه كلا كتاب خوبي بود داستان درباره يك موج كوچك در آبهاي اقيانوس است. دوران خوشي را تجربه [...]

    13. I'm ashamed to own that I've read this. All I can say is: I did it for a good cause. That is, to promote reading in general (for a library talk). Mawkishly sentimental (here I am, trying to wipe off the stale stench of yesterday's coffee mornings) and terribly trite. Any person leaning to the left should, or would, recognise what Mitch is talking about. It isn't that Morrie is talking shit. He isn't. However, I think it's terribly ironic that such a venture (it screams "self-help" and "it will t [...]

    14. Tuesday with Morrie Well this book is:Simple yet compelling, Quick read yet thought-provoking,Saddening yet heartening,Short yet long lasting.Not reviewing this book critically, this is perfect and complete in the style, it's written. Truly inspirational real life story of Professor Morrie Schwartz albeit carrying a life changing message for all. Precisely this book has something for everyone. A must read.

    15. Tuesdays with Morrie is about death, but what we learn about is much more than the loss of dying but it is about love and friendship. Mitch Albom met with his dying mentor once a week and rediscovered in his last months a person he had lost contact with. This is a tale of life, even if we have to die. For those dealing with any kind of loss, I recommend Tuesdays with Morrie, a story of someone that was able to deal relatively well with the devastation of ALS. When I read it, I had just lost my f [...]

    16. I have been hearing about this book for many years and when I came across it at work yesterday I thought I would take a look. Once I started reading I found it very hard to put away.I finished Tuesday with Morrie tonight and spent a good part of it crying my heart out. This book touch me in away that I never thought possible and will take the lesson away that Morrie told Mitch:1) Love your family and friend.2) Don't be afraid to show your emotional side to people. 3) Live your life and never hol [...]

    17. “The truth is, once you learn how to die, you learn how to live.” I love this book so much.This is the first time i really want to just go buy a book and give it as a gift to others. HahaSo grateful i finally picked this one up.Honestly, i didn’t expect it to be this good. Turns out It touches my heart. While reading, It’s like you’re sitting, listening and learning from Morrie as well. It’s easy to get into the story and be connected with.Those are valuable time Mitch (the author) f [...]

    18. This book was very enlightening. I enjoyed Morrie's perspectives on life and death. I hope that I can take a little bit of his attitude and apply it in my own life. This was a quick read and so worth my time. I was very touched.

    19. Tuesdays with Morrie is like a reality TV show in that the characters and conversations are biographical; the conversations with Morrie were recorded. In the book, a student accidentally learns that his favorite professor is dying (16 years after graduating college) from ALS. Because dying from ALS is protracted, Morrie gets to philosophize about living, and the student is once again a student. We become Morrie's students too. This time the course is not sociology but life itself. The book conta [...]

    20. همین که پیرمرد قصه یه جورایی نفسش از جای گرم بلند میشد خورد تو ذوقممریض باشه و بدنش کم کم از پاهاش شروع کنه به فلج شدن و همین طوری بیاد بالا و اون قدر دستش به دهنش برسه که نه تنها از عهده ی مخارج این بیماری مهلک برمیاد بلکه شصت نفر هم فول تایم تو خونه ش استخدام کنه که به امورش رسید [...]

    21. Of all the glorious books out there my school could have picked for ninth grade literature classIn the words of Marcus Aurelius, "Despise not death, but welcome it, for nature wills it like all else." That’s one significant message Mitch Albom tries to convey to us readers in this emotional ride. ‘Tries’ not quite being the key word, but even so, eliciting only limited success. More on that later ahead. Tuesdays With Morrie depicts the moving relationship between the author and his former [...]

    22. "I looked at him. I saw all the death in the world. I felt helpless."This book broke me. It was raw, thought provoking, heart breaking and real. Such a simple concept, a young man caught up in his busyness and business, competing to be the best in his job finds out that his old college professor is sick. And so begins a tale of regular meetings between Mitch and his old professor - Morrie. I know this book wouldn't be everyone's cup of tea, but anything that makes me stop and think for a while a [...]

    23. Okay. I've been familiar with this book ever since my high school days. This title was kind of popular so almost everyone wanted to read this. Unfortunately, during those times of buying, borrowing, and talking about Tuesdays with Morrie, I was the odd one who didn't like reading rising-to-fame/talk-of-the-town books. IDK, I guess it was a culture I personally developed. Don't ever ask me the magic word 'why' coz honestly, even I had no idea. Anyways, that was before. Just leave the past behind [...]

    24. The novel Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom is a must read. This book is amazing from start to finish. I loved how he used foreshadowing to make the reader knew what he meant. This book had many themes for all the thematic statements (Loss, Physical Affection, Greed, compassion, and Modesty). For example, you get stronger from every loss. Mitch lost his friend Morrie and he went on to write a book about him. The quality of this story was outstanding. At parts it was very emotionable. For examp [...]

    25. درسته که سه‌شنبه‌ها با موری از لحاظ ادبی و کیفیت محتوای اندیشه برای مخاطب خاص مثل شوخی به نظر می‌رسه؛ اما برای مخاطب عام، اون کسی که ازت می‌پرسه «من کتابخون نیستم، یه کتاب بهم معرفی می‌کنی که جذبم کنه و باعث شه فکر هم بکنم؟»، می‌تونه پیشنهاد بهتری از لاطائلات کوئیلو یا رما [...]

    26. «بپذیرید که گذشته هرچه بوده گذشته، گذشته را انکار نکنید»الان که این ریویو رو مینویسم 4 روز از تموم کردن کتاب گذشته و هنوز فکرم درگیرشه. شاید همین جمله برای ریویوی کتاب کافی باشه، اما خب من معمولا آدم پر حرفی‌ام.سه‌شنبه‌ها با موری رو توی گروه کتابخوانی و با باقی دوستان خوندم. [...]

    27. More of a 3.5, really.I'll start by saying that my one real issue with this book was that there wasn't much terribly original thinking within it. I definitely wanted more of a 'Wow, I never thought about it that way' feeling from Morrie's philosophies, and while it's hard to argue with anything he says it didn't feel like anything I hadn't heard from somewhere else before. Something probably by Disney.In general, the book is well done. I liked the characters and found the story and the language [...]

    28. "سه شنبه ها با موری"، از تاثیر گذارترین و پر فروش ترین كتاب هاي نیویورک تایمز است که از اکتبر 1997 تا کنون همواره در صدر جدول پر فروش ترین هاي سال قرار داشته است.داستان واقعي مردي ٧٠ ساله به نام موري كه به بيماري سخت و لاعلاج اي ال اس مبتلا شده ( همون بيماري معروف استيون هاوكينگ) و پ [...]

    29. عالی بود! یه گنجینه درست و حسابی از درسای زندگی که طوری نوشته شده که آدم رو خسته نمی کنه، بلکه مشتاقش می کنه به ادامه دادن و یادگیری بیشتر:)

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