The Day is Dark

The Day is Dark When all contact is lost with two Icelanders working in a harsh and sparsely populated area on the northeast coast of Greenland Th ra is hired to investigate Is there any connection with the disappea

  • Title: The Day is Dark
  • Author: Yrsa Sigurðardóttir Philip Roughton
  • ISBN: 9781444700091
  • Page: 272
  • Format: Paperback
  • When all contact is lost with two Icelanders working in a harsh and sparsely populated area on the northeast coast of Greenland, Th ra is hired to investigate Is there any connection with the disappearance of a woman from the site some months earlier And why are the locals so hostile

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    • Best Read [Yrsa Sigurðardóttir Philip Roughton] ✓ The Day is Dark || [Poetry Book] PDF ✓
      272 Yrsa Sigurðardóttir Philip Roughton
    • thumbnail Title: Best Read [Yrsa Sigurðardóttir Philip Roughton] ✓ The Day is Dark || [Poetry Book] PDF ✓
      Posted by:Yrsa Sigurðardóttir Philip Roughton
      Published :2018-012-26T07:59:37+00:00

    About “Yrsa Sigurðardóttir Philip Roughton”

    1. Yrsa Sigurðardóttir Philip Roughton

      Yrsa Sigur ard ttir is an Icelandic writer, of both crime novels and children s fiction She has been writing since 1998 Her d but crime novel was translated into English by Bernard Scudder Yrsa Sigur ard ttir graduated from high school in 1983, finished a B.Sc in civil engineering from the University of Iceland in 1988 and M.Sc in the same field from Concordia University in Montreal in 1997 Yrsa now works as a civil engineer for the company Fjarhitun, as well as being a writer.In 1998 Yrsa published her first book for children, ar l gu Danir v The Danes Were in Trouble There She has since published books for children and teenagers, as well as a number of internationally successful crime novels for adults In 2000 the Icelandic department of IBBY International Board on Books for Young People awarded Yrsa for her book Vi viljum j lin j l We Want Christmas in July Yrsa lives in the Reykjav k suburb of Seltjarnarnes She is married with two children.The central character in the crime novels so far is Th ra Gudmundsd ttir ra Gu mundsd ttir , a lawyer.Series ra Gu mundsd ttir

    815 thoughts on “The Day is Dark”

    1. I really like Yrsa Sigurðardóttir. No sooner do I finish one book (Last Rituals), then I start another (The Day is Dark). And now having finished that one, I crave a new one.So why only three stars? The Day is Dark is creepy with fascinating Greenlandic information. I loved the locale, I like Thora, and the book completely engaged me. Still, I can't quite get beyond liked a lot to love. In this installment of the series, Thora and her boyfriend are investigating a series of mysterious disappea [...]

    2. Opening chapter: Excellent. Really grabbed my attention, sent shivers down my spine, made me desperate to find out what would happen next.Exposition: Not good. In fact, kind of excruciating in places. There were SO MANY infodumps in the dialogue, particularly when Matthew was talking to Thóra about the case. Also, I am aware this book is part of a series, but I didn't see the point of all the references to Thóra's family etc. They're not actually part of this story so it seemed pointless to ru [...]

    3. Cel mai perfect final ever.Nu aveam niciun dubiu că îmi va plăcea această carte, a doua pe care o citesc din seria cu Thora.Thora, Matthew, Bella și alți trei oameni de specialitate sunt trimiși într-un sătuc din Groenlanda pentru a cerceta dispariția a trei oameni, foști angajați ai firmei de foraje. Thora este avocat și trebuie să îi facă pe ceilalți angajați să se întoarcă la muncă, explicând moartea celor trei care au murit.În final, se dovedește că Oddny Hildur a f [...]

    4. Having enjoyed two other Thora Gudmundsdottir novels by Yrsa Siguroardottir, it is now official- I am a fan. Reading this one out of order, I'm still going back to #2 and #3 next. And this series I will read all she writes.It's not a mystery type that will appeal to everyone. But does it to me.Thora is a lawyer. This case is one that may increase association for her own small firm, despite having to go to Greenland for 5 days, she takes it. Matthew is going with her as aspects of the banking end [...]

    5. It took me a while to work out why I wasn't more gripped by this book. The story is clever, logical and well thought out - I never guessed the ending - the writing is decent, the setting is interesting - set in Greenland with some fascinating background info into the country - but what really lets all these books down is the bad characterisation. All the characters (whether 'goodies' or 'baddies') are one dimensional and you never know any of them well enough to care what happens to them. Having [...]

    6. review of Yrsa Sigurdardóttir's The Day is Dark by tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE - July 21-22, 2017 This is the 1st Nordic crime fiction I've read. The author's Icelandic, the action takes place mostly in Greenland. Perhaps Lars von Trier's The Element of Crime (1984) might qualify as my 1st exposure to the genre but there's probably something earlier than that that I'm not thinking of. Wd Ingmar Bergman's The Virgin Spring (1960) qualify? I associate the popularity of the genre, if it is popular, [...]

    7. PROTAGONIST: Thora Gudmundsdottir, lawyerSETTING: GreenlandSERIES: #4 of 4RATING: 3.25Although Thora Gudmunsdottir is a partner in a law firm in Iceland, that doesn’t mean that her work is very exciting. In fact, she is experiencing some boredom with the routine nature of her current work. Thus, when her significant other, Matthew Reich, asks her to take on an assignment from the bank where he is in security, she decides to travel with him to Greenland. They will be trying to prove that the ba [...]

    8. Thora Gudmundsdottir is a single mother, an unexpected grandmother, a struggling lawyer and a magnet for mysteries. Sitting in her office one afternoon wishing for something more riveting than pre-nuptial agreements to come across her desk Thora receives a call from her boyfriend Matthew, offering her a chance to do some investigative work for a bank fearing a huge investment loss at a Greenland research facility. Despite her craving for some excitement she is reluctant to travel so far away but [...]

    9. Almost gave it 5 stars, maybe I should have done. This is the best of the series I have read so far. Thora is asked by Matthew, who has now moved to Iceland and has a new job with a bank, to come to Greenland to look at a possible breach of contract case which could involve a possible insurance payout. A mining company has been operating in a remote area in Greenland and three employees have gone missing, now presumed dead. A rather eerie and bizarre video clip had been found, where it looks as [...]

    10. An enthralling mystery and engaging thriller that unsettles you as you read on with fear and expectation.Set in an isolated settlement in Eastern Greenland the story captures the sense of danger from the environment - is this what killed the three missing workers? A private investigation is undertaken by the bank that has underwritten the project when the drilling company seem unable to continue and meet their contractual obligations.Major themes are covered. Our impact on the environment, loss [...]

    11. This book began with a bang but then got a little tedious as it went on. I was actually glad when I finally finished it. Please, Yrsa Sigurdardottir, do everyone a favor and don't write any more books with characters gone missing in isolated parts of Iceland and Greenland.

    12. To ''The Day is Dark'' είναι το τρίτο βιβλίο της, Ισλανδικής καταγωγής, Yrsa Sigurðardóttir που διαβάζω και το μόνο βέβαιο είναι ότι θα συνεχίσω την ανάγνωση των σκοτεινών, στα όρια του horror, μυθιστορημάτων της. Όπως και στο ''Why did you Lie?'', η συγγραφέας στήνει μια ιστορία έτσι ώστε ο αναγνώστης να [...]

    13. Velké zklamání. Knihu jsem rozečetla už před rokem a vůbec mě nechytla. Teď jsem se donutila ji dočíst a jsem ráda, že už je za mnou. Divný rozvleklý děj, bez napětí, těžko uvěřitelný. Nejslabší, co jsem od Yrsy kdy četla.

    14. Thora has received a telephone call from her lover, Matthew. His employer has an issue with one of their clients, Berg Technology. The company is in mining. It seems that all of the crew took a leave and is now refusing to return to the job. Well most of the crew. The few that remained on the site are presumed dead. Thora agrees to join Matthew and a crew to investigate. Yrsa Sigurdardottir is another new to me author. I was really intrigued to read this book. It sounded chilling. This was a goo [...]

    15. Tragedy in iceThis is a very powerful story that mostly takes place in the Northeast part of Greenland at the site of testing for molybdenum prospects for mining. Unbeknownst to the testing company and its employees, the chosen site is located in an area that is forbidden by the local indigenous people who live nearby in a settlement by the sea. There is a story about this forbidden area, and the man who guards the area—to keep others away.Thóra, Matthew, and Bella are part of a crew of peopl [...]

    16. Now, I will fully admit, I'm not that into crime thrillers. Everybody and their butts are, apparently, whether it's literary or television. It's already got a mark against it for me.But I LOVE things set in the polar regions. I adore them. So I thought it might be interesting to give this a shot.Now, I realize much of the problem is the abominably stiff translation (which is par for the course, as far as translations into English of most novels go). But it's beyond the translation. The character [...]

    17. In the beginning of the book, Thora receives a telephone call from her Matthew, her boyfriend. Matthew works for a bank/finance institution and they are having a problem with one of their clients, Berg Technology. The company is involved in a mining project in Greenland. All of the crew took a leave and is now refusing to return to the job. The two men who remained at the site are missing and presumed dead. Another work, a female, went missing a few months earlier. Thora agrees to join Matthew a [...]

    18. In ihrem 4. Band um die Isländische Anwaltin Dóra Guðmundsdóttir entführt uns die Autorin nach Grönland. Es sind Menschen verschwunden, und so versucht ein Team, dem Dóra und ihr deutscher Freund angehören, für die Versicherung herauszufinden, ob sie sich nur verlaufen haben oder womöglich ein Verbrechen vorliegt.Das Buch ist durchaus spannend, denn die vielen Anspielungen und Andeutungen führten mich zu einer Vermutung, die ein bisschen mysteriöser war als die Auflösung dann letzte [...]

    19. I think this is definitely the best one in the series. I have unfortunately read them totally out of order, and liked some whilst others I found a bit of a drag. This one however is one of those where you don't won't to stop and packed full of cultural details, this time not of Iceland but of Greenland, which I did not know much about. Great crime story, which keeps you guessing for a very long time, as Sigurardottir gives you a wide range of possible murderers. Very interesting characterisation [...]

    20. Foi bom rever Thóra e Matthew. Desta vez não se viu muito da vida pessoal da protagonista, que era o que eu mais esperava. Foi um caso interessante sobre o qual não conseguia chegar a nenhuma conclusão para o motivo do desaparecimento de 3 pessoas. Tinha de ser assassinato, claro, porque esta é uma série policial; mas e onde estavam os corpos? E quem o fez? Quando finalmente tudo é revelado - ohhhhh!!!

    21. I agree with Richard's review almost in everything. It's really scary at the beginning. The second half is quite slow and a bit illogical (why did the group have to leave the camp in the middle of the investigation and then return back?). Bella's character could have been developed more deeply as I think that the author didn't make use of many situations with her and Thóra but it might have led to too much comedy in this story where the plot well balanced. Highly recommended.

    22. Solid Scandinavian mystery; I was happy to read the book through different characters perspectives. Translation a bit rough, language didn't flow particularly well at times, but certainly an enjoyable read.

    23. I am reluctant to give a 3 Star review to a novel in this series butFor me, personally, the book was too long, about a hundred pages too long, and that diluted the dramatic effect of the story which is, I have to say, interesting in a 'chilly Arctic-ice evil-spirits- wandering-and-moaning' way, which I love. Really love.And the dialoguesI found them all too alike, there was little personality, no distinction in the speech patterns of the characters, especially of the indigenous people so that it [...]

    24. Another great insight into Iceland (the coffeepot on the hot plate provided by the Reykjavik airport - book published in 2011 - all hail the simple solution!) and this time also Greenland. I've been fascinated by Greenland ever since hearing a trip report by a bunch of rock hounds. Yrsa has succeeded in de-romaticizing it for me, at least as far as the eastern side goes. Maybe she'll need to balance it out by staging a murder on the western coast. And the environmental issues she weaves in flesh [...]

    25. Somewhat uneven book about an Icelandic women and her partner investigating a mysterious and deadly incident. The premise was great, story kind of creepy and should have really grabbed my attention. Unfortunate, there were spots that I just lost interest. The information about the setting, Greenland, was very interesting

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